Opening to the Divine Mother, the Creative Current of Life

This new moon in Gemini we have the opportunity to seed our creative dreams and visions… As we open to the Divine Mother, we open to the creative current of life. The Divine Mother is nothing less than pure creative force. She is that which births and sustains all new life and all our creation. When we open to her we feel her as an ecstatic pulse that brings us vitality, vibrancy, creativity and the joy of being in love with life. Before the mother is the mother, […] Read more »

She :: The Sexually Empowered Woman

She is sensual, grounded and connected to her own source of power. She walks with the confidence and grace of a sexually sovereign woman, connected to the well of Divine. She does not look for a man to complete her, she is whole woman, she is already complete. She is opening to a new way of loving him, her lover, her man, because now she loves herself. She is free because she remembers he is not her source of love, she knows the Divine is her source. She […] Read more »

Awakening Co- Creativity – crown chakra alchemy

Our crown chakra is the most enchanted of all places, where everything meets at the end of the rainbow. The color of the crown chakra is violet. The violet ray is the ray of alchemy. When we transmit violet through our bodies and our chakras, we can experience an alchemical transmutation, freedom from the karmic patterns that no longer serve us. The transformational path of the crown chakra is the return to remembrance of our breath. We move away from our shallow breathing back into central channel breathing […] Read more »

Awakening Love – heart chakra alchemy

Receiving divine love into our heart chakra heals our wounded hearts and can open us up to the feeling of the highest possibility for relationship that we are able to experience. The alchemical dance of our heart chakra is an ecstatic rapturous dance with the divine linking us into the interconnected field of all life. As we dissolve in divine union, we embody love and practice relating and dancing with others from this place of connection, this place of wholeness.  Shakti, the Divine Feminine, moves through our bodies […] Read more »

Awakening True Power – solar plexus alchemy

Receiving the streams of divine intelligence into our solar plexus chakra, we are inspired to recreate and envision a new paradigm of power. We move from the old competitive scripts of power and control, where the essential view was your power was a threat to my own. In the new power paradigm, we see that our power enhances and contributes to another’s and we learn to embody the new consciousness of interdependence, collaboration and shared power. This new model requires us to develop our compassionate communication skills, and […] Read more »