Awakening Love – heart chakra alchemy

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 2.49.06 PMReceiving divine love into our heart chakra heals our wounded hearts and can open us up to the feeling of the highest possibility for relationship that we are able to experience. The alchemical dance of our heart chakra is an ecstatic rapturous dance with the divine linking us into the interconnected field of all life. As we dissolve in divine union, we embody love and practice relating and dancing with others from this place of connection, this place of wholeness.

 Shakti, the Divine Feminine, moves through our bodies like a warm river of love, softly inspiring us to surrender our hearts open and shed the tears of a heart that has been broken or cry and grieve for love that was lost. She will encourage you to feel the pain of betrayal that you have been holding in your chest for too long and she will inspire you to trust in love again and sing your sweetest heart song.

 Shakti offers us the power and passion to roar and howl the call of your lioness heart longing for the true beloved of your soul. In the courage to feel the depth of our longing for union, the golden gateway to true freedom will open again.

 The golden light of the divine pours through our body like liquid honey, sealing our hearts with his unconditional love. Divine nectar will fill up all the cracks in our hearts with love, relaxing the tightness in our lungs that have been holding onto grief and the armor around our upper chests will begin to soften. The gold will unwind us from the old relationship patterns that have bound us and offer us the possibility to weave a new sacred relationship anchored from this place of wholeness and connection to divine.

 The highest possibility for relationships comes when both partners are mutually open to the Divine as their primary source of love. Then we can relate in wholeness, from an overflowing cup. When we receive the well of life from the infinite fountain, our cup never runs dry and then we remember we are love. When our hearts are so full of love and we no longer look to our partners or lovers to fill those empty spaces, we can truly love another for who they are, not just loving them for what they give us. Then something new can happen. The potential of a love like this knows no bounds, the possibilities are endless and still unfolding. Our only limitation is our own imagination.

 The alchemy of two souls, united in divine love, is a vessel of love, an alchemical crucible for our souls’ greatest unfolding. Sacred sexual relationship offers the possibility to remember the majesty of our souls, igniting the holy fires of eros, burning through lifetimes of karma and all the old wounds that cause the drama, melting them in the embrace of our love. When a man and a woman come together in love and they both have a direct relationship to the divine, miracles can happen.

 In sacred relationship, we acknowledge it as the primary container for soul growth and realize that our tantric sexual exploration will bring up our deepest wounds and that healing is in learning to hold each other in love even when the shadow is arising to be seen, to be felt, to be freed. We are required to be like an eagle flying above the relationship sometimes, seeing the wider perspective of the soul’s journey and not taking the small stuff personally.

 As we open into the sacred union of the Divine Masculine and feminine in our hearts, we can progress through a full alchemical cycle where we experience forgiveness and compassion for those who have wounded us, perhaps breaking our trust, and see they are doing the best that they can. Centered in our heart, we are more loving, accepting and kind—both to ourselves and to others. Our silent heart can hear the whispers of divine heart knowing, we can hear what is love’s voice and what is not. We strengthen our intuition.