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Ecstatic Awakening

The Alchemical Art of Transformation

A 7 Week online Course
The Next Course will begin Sept 2017 (exact dates TBA)

Introducing an ancient, time-tested, spiritual path for awakening your higher evolutionary potentials.

As a spiritually evolving being you are responding to the call to rise to your full awakened power. You are doing your inner work so that you can rebirth yourself and contribute more fully to the birthing of this new world. Yet sometimes you may feel overwhelmed managing it all.

We juggle so many roles these days. We care for our families, we run households, we work, we have demanding careers, we have full social lives, we have relationships that need our love and attention to thrive AND we are called to make a positive impact and save the world.

We are wired. Wired and tired. You love your life and on some levels you are achieving great things with all this focus but somehow it all feels like too much effort, your pushing your energy levels all the time. You are even trying to force your spiritual evolution. One thing you know if you keep going like this you are going to BURN OUT.

You have ended up in this situation because you have lost connection to your inner essence.

True power and creative inspiration comes from being sourced in your innate sacred essence, your SHAKTI POWER and connecting to the Evolutionary Being within you.”

Embody the Evolutionary Being within you.

The inner evolutionary being within you, is a luminous life force that resides in your own body, a juicy liquid source of creative energy that literally lights you up. The ancients called this deep sensual vital source of energy within us our Kundalini Shakti. This is our ecstatic erotic bliss fire, and awakens when it feels your burning desire, to awaken your soul from its slumber and break out of the confines of the limited small self and reveal the true magnificent you.

Embodying the Evolutionary Being within you means honouring your body, your sensual erotic body as a vessel for the Divine. For the past 5000 years, the Sacred Feminine has been suppressed and our spiritual practices have been leaned towards the masculine practices that often denied the body and our emotional sensual life. Culturally we have been fed notions of shame, sin and we have judged the body as less than wholly. Whether you have been touched by these values or not they are in the collective consciousness and have been affecting our capacity to truly connect to Shakti and her evolutionary power.

As Divine Beings, we have both Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine within us, and it is time to harmonise and balance their expressions and call all suppressed parts of our souls into divine expression. Through these practices, we will be awakening the dormant and suppressed energies within us through cultivating Shakti energy as the pathway.

If you are reading this Shatki is already stirring within you, inviting you to go deeper into your relationship with her so you can rebirth and heal your soul.
Embodying SHAKTI – The Source of Energy that NEVER DRIES UP


When you learn how to ignite the inner flame of Kundalini Shakti you will have instant access to the infinite well – spring of life force energy that never dries up, giving you access to your passionate creative life energy. When you are connected to your inner Shakti your daily doing will come from a deeper, more grounded, full place and then you will feel your juicy, zest and passion for life return.

When you are connected to the fluid energy current of your Shakti, your nervous system relaxes and we begin to feel more relaxed, and creatively resourceful. You then begin to breath more and your whole body starts unwinding, muscles relax, your womb/hara gets warm and your deep heart begins to smile.

Perhaps you:
  • Are feeling like you are constantly on the go, working or nurturing and caring for everyone else in your life and not really taking the time to nurture your own body, heart and soul.
  • Are feeling like you are doing great things with your life, on another level you are feeling deeply tired, drained and depleted. One thing you know if you keep going like this you are going to burn out.
  • You feel like you have been holding back, giving some of what you got but not all of it. You know there is more, but your self – doubt gets in the way, freezing your creativity, and damming your creative flow.
  • You are crippled by the harsh inner critic the voice of self – doubt, low self – esteem and self – judgement.
  • You may feel like you have been stuck inside the same relationship patterns for years, where you keep finding yourself attracting the same dynamics and you are ready for a breakthrough.
  • Long for deeper intimacy and connection with your spiritual equal.
  • You may be feeling disconnected from your soft, sensual, feeling body and have suppressed your sexuality, putting pleasure on hold till you get it all done. Your body feels tense, tight and contracted.
  • You feel a sense of shame or guilt around embodying your radiant, sexual, sensual power.
  • You feel hardened by life’s knocks, your heart feels neutral but when you really check in its kind of numb and you body has gotten harder and toughened in certain places.
  • Override your feelings and suppress your emotions and you are feeling less and less vital as the years go by.
  • Feel to pursue a vocation that is more resonant with your soul and will contribute to the birthing of the new world, yet feel confused as to exactly what to do and how you will make a living doing that.
What the Folks are Saying
This practice is definitely for all who long to shift consciousness, as it both provides the most potent tools for growth in the most blissful way."

– Yarah Volkman, Santa Cruz, USA

My journey with this work has been one of my most transformative experiences of my life and it is continues to evolve! It has deepened my awareness and trust of my self, supported me to be receptive, to surrender and expand through my heart."

– Lyndsey Spencer, Courtney BC, Canada

Leyolah is a master and has mastery of the tools she shares. She s a good and beautiful Shamanina, light being healer and her wisdom comes through in her facilitation."

– Star Lillien, San Diego, USA

The Kundalini Dance work has transformed me in many ways on all levels of my Being. I have come into my Divine feminine essence which continues to evolve and grow in the practice and in my life."

– Tara Fischer, Sydney Australia


Tapping into Shakti power is like tapping into your hidden super power, truly.

When you unleash your Shakti power your creative energy will begin to flow.She ignites the desires of your creative soul and sparking your imagination, you become more creatively resourceful at solving any problem or challenge that arises in your life.

When she is activated you are ecstatic and your feel limitless, fearless and unstoppable, she shows you what you are capable of as she ignites the deep desires of your soul. Our soul desire, is our destiny that which we are destined to experience in this life. Shakti is the Goddess of inner strength and courage, reminding you that there is no more time to hold back, your unique expression of her power in this world.


Is this course for you?

Are you ready for a soft, sensual, ecstatic, erotic transformational practice?

Are you ready to surrender effort and stop trying so hard?

Are you ready to experience transformation as an ecstatic celebration?

If you are ready to dive deep within, self reflect and are open to exploring energy consciousness, cutting edge transformative alchemy practices and are wanting to create some time to dedicate to your healing this course is for you.

If you feel ready for a total consciousness upgrade, upliftment and accelerated transformation this course is for you.

In this brief time together, you’ll learn how to harness this inner wellspring of creative life energy and open to your higher evolutionary potential. It is my prayer that these alchemy keys and practices will become a part of you and will support you to ecstatically lift your vibration and shift the limiting patterns of a life time of conditioning and support your graceful unfolding to living your true divine design.

– Leyolah

In Ecstatic Awakening – The Alchemical Art of Transformation, you will:

Activate your higher evolutionary potential, through engaging in chakra alchemy practices, that will support you to manifest your hearts desires in your intimate relationships and your life purpose.

Cultivate your inner life force, your kundalini shakti and learn tantric energy practices to increase creativity awaken your higher evolutionary potential with or without a partner.

Clear emotional blockages that have been inhibiting your life force causing you to feel dull, lifeless and looped in old patterns that no longer serve the full flourishing of your life.

Transform wounds of love with men and women, so that you can heal your heart and experience ecstatic love and intimacy, with other´s, with yourself and with the Divine.

Learn how to transform core beliefs: You will be supported in the process of reflection into the past patterns that have been holding you back from manifesting your hearts desires.

Develop your intuitive wisdom that is always aligned to the deeper truth of love.

Bring the wisdom of your spiritual and ecstatic experiences into the nitty gritty of your every day life experiences.

Each week we will be focusing on a Chakra, activating latent potentials, clear obstacles, engage process to transform core issues and ecstatically open the pathways to new evolutionary ways of being.

The Art of Transformational Alchemy

Using the ancient map of the Chakra System, accessible through your body and psyche, each week Leyolah will guide you through specific practices and processes to clear the obstacles and open new evolutionary pathways at each chakra level. Leyolah will guide you through practices to embody both Shakti the Sacred Feminine, and the Sacred Masculine in each chakra. This is the alchemy of the two, The Divine Feminine she clears out the old and the Divine Masculine brings in the new.

The Sacred Shakti helps you to feel and release emotions that have been blocking your vital energy flow and keeping you locked in old patterns. After you have opened and released those emotions that have been stagnating your vital life energy you create the space for the Divine Love of the Sacred Masculine to enter our bodies and subtle energy system. While the Divine Feminine Shakti supports us to feel and release and what is limiting us from experiencing our beauty and magnificence. The Divine Masculine is pure consciousness and brings us a pristine and quite inner stillness that connects us to divine mind opening us to the higher possibilities available to us when we free ourselves from our old lower vibration states.

When these twin energies of the masculine and feminine unite within us, they literally ecstatically lift the vibration of the chakras, opening us up to the highest evolutionary potentials of our lives.

Week One

Root Chakra Alchemy: Awakening Trust – Opening to the Divine Feminine
  • When we lift the vibration of the first – chakra, we open our capacity to receive the vital life energy from the earth.
  • Receive the gift of being able to recognise and open to unconditional support, love and nurturing from the feminine principle and the earth, aka. Mama Gaia.
  • We are collectively evolving out of old forms in many root chakra areas – community, home, family, work, money. Our work with the root chakra will support you to focus your highest vision for the highest possibilities of life in these areas.
  • The root chakra is also intrinsically connected to whether we feel a deep sense of belonging, interconnectedness and interdependence to our tribe, our people, our land, our community. It holds the key to our understanding that our unique gifts, talents and skills can contribute to our community in a way that benefits the community as a whole.

Week Two

Sacral Chakra Alchemy: Awakening the Creativity and Embodying your Erotic Divinity
  • The sacral chakra primarily governs our sensual energy, our vital life force, and is our inner wellspring of creativity. We will explore our sexuality as a creative evolutionary impulse that transforms and awakens consciousness.
  • For women, working with the sacral chakra takes us into the experience of our womb as the keeper of divine feminine wisdom or Shakti. Here lies the seed of our life purpose – our greatest gift that awaits germination.
  • For men access the divine feminine through the sacral chakra and the Hara, the power centre in the lower belly. You will learn ways to self-generate Shakti and access her potent evolutionary energy to cause a breakthrough in your life.
  • Our journey into the sacral chakra we will practice embodying our erotic divinity that brings joy and ecstatic magnetism into our daily life.

Week Three

Solar Plexus Chakra Alchemy: Awakening True Power as Love
  • The solar plexus is intrinsically linked to our sense of personal power. It is the flame that fuels our inspiration and brings our creative energy to fruition.
  • Learn how to access your true power and feel more confidence in trusting and expressing your authentic self.
  • Discover how to clear emotional energy that has been blocking your true power.
  • Engage in processes that will support to gain deeper awareness and shift the false beliefs around your self esteem, self worth and strengthen your sense of true value from within.

Week Four

Heart Chakra Alchemy: Awakening Love and Ecstatic Relationships
  • The Heart Chakra is the master key to all personal transformation and healing. The unconditional love of the heart centre transforms all past wounds of love, through the heart we generate the healing qualities of self love, compassion and higher wisdom.
  • Learn alchemy keys to heal your heart and open to receive both human and divine love.
  • Learn how to reclaim your wholeness, that you may go into your relationships with a full heart rather than seeking love to fill your inner void.
  • Learn the transformational processes of re creation of the past patterns that have been holding you back from deep love, intimacy and the sacred evolutionary relationship´s you deeply desire.

Week Five

Throat Chakra Alchemy: Awakening Authentic Expression and Reclaiming your Voice.
  • wakening the throat chakra seems to be our next collective evolutionary step. Activating the throat chakra supports us in manifesting and expressing our life mission, our soul purpose. The throat chakra is the chalice whereby our soul´s gifts can outpour into the emerging social and cultural body of humanity.
  • Learn practices to ecstatically awaken dormant destiny codes in the throat chakra when practiced regularly, awakens our souls blueprint.
  • Engage in processes to shift the patterns that hold us back from being more fully creatively self expressed, like self – judgement, fear of rejection and self doubt.
  • Ecstatically awakening the throat chakra enhances our capacities for authentic self expression and conscious speech and activates courage, confidence and deep self acceptance.

Week Six

Third Eye Alchemy: Awakening Intuition – manifesting your highest vision
  • The third eye is the centre of our higher mind, as we activate the third eye we activate states of higher consciousness and clarity of vision and purpose.
  • Learn alchemy keys for activating the pineal gland and developing intuitive capacities.
  • Learn the process of manifesting your highest vision and grounding it into you life.

Week Seven

Crown Chakra Alchemy: Awakening Co – Creativity – manifesting your highest vision
  • Discover how to become a co creator with Divine and embody the Divine Masculine bringing the clarity of consciousness and divine insight, and strengthen your faith in the goodness of life.
  • Receive vision, guidance and insights towards your next steps so that you can re create your life in alignment to your dreams and desires.
  • Transform core issues that affect the energy flow of light related to the masculine, our relationship to our father and spiritual issues related to the divine masculine; embody deep trust that life is on your side and supporting you to succeed in whatever you choose to focus your attention on.

An Unprecedented Opportunity for Awakening

Up until the last year or so you had to travel to work with Leyolah Antara and join her in her awakening retreats. Leyolah has shared that she feels the urgency to share the tools for awakening that she has birthed through in the last 25 years. She feels that the time she has been preparing for and working towards is now and that is why she is offering her work in this more accessible and very reasonably priced format through this online format. For more information and to register, email us here. We’re happy to help!



It’s more than a Course, it’s a Community.


The Kundalini Dance community is an ever growing global community of dancers and evolutionaries passionate about contributing their greatest gifts, living love and actualizing their highest potentials. There are over 30 active Kundalini Dance facilitators word wide with more being trained each year. Kundalini Dance is a deeply devotional, and ecstatic practice that supports real change on a embodied level. Whereby many modalities work through creating change with the mind, the Kundalini Dance practice supports mental and emotional body transformation and most importantly shifts patterns on a vibrational level through the alchemical energy practices.

You may be wondering, how can I participate in a dance practice on line?

This online course work is based in the core practices of Kundalini Dance and moves beyond Dance into a process of deep awareness and integration. Over the years those of us who have been deeply engaged in the KD practice have found that we needed to integrate the ecstatic experiences we were having in the dance floor so they could translate as real change in real life.

That is why I began developing the material for this on line course have written my book, “Kundalini Dance: sacred Alchemical Evolutionary Keys”. So if you have been dancing with us before and would like to deepen your integration of the tools and be supported in the co creative process of living your true design or are completely new to the practice you will benefit from the course.


You will also receive…

A copy of Leyolah´s new E-Book “Kundalini Dance: Sacred Alchemical Evolutionary Keys”; the course content is based on the cutting edge and rich information shared in this book and the material in the book serves as a working manual for this course. Giving you a wealth of information to tap into as well as guidelines for the course


Seven 90-minute course sessions with Leyolah, including instruction and interactive exercises. These calls are recorded and sent to you 48 hours after the live sessions, giving you the flexibility to experience live or at your own pace.

Weekly Chakra Alchemy Videos – Leyolah will share with you different chakra alchemy breath, movement and meditation practices that will support you to lift your vibration, open new possibilities and potentials and activate your souls blueprint

Weekly Chakra Dance Play list – download 90 minutes of music for dancing through the chakra´s, as well as receive a step by step guidance through the Kundalini Dance´s e- book

Access to our exclusive online community learning forum. The Ecstatic Awakening forum is a dedicated Ning site for the course. Here you will engage with your course participants in a rich and deep inner exploration. We find that the forum creates an incredible field of support and accelerates participants growth experiences





Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have participated in the course content and are not happy after 30days, we will refund your money without question





About your Facilitator, Leyolah Antara

Leyolah Antara is passionate about helping women cultivate their own sexual creative energy for personal awakening & reconnection with their own unique expression of feminine power. Evolutionary guide and coach, wild woman, author, mother, lover, poet, intuitive healer, producer, performance artist and founder of Kundalini Dance™, an ecstatic embodiment practice, Leyolah trains facilitators and offers retreats all over the world and personal mentoring.


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