From Priestess to Shakti Queen

Compassion - Autumn SkyeThe journey of the embodiment of the erotic feminine archetypes is an initiation into what it is to be a complete and whole woman. The archetypes are central to our lives, how we mother, how we partner with those we are intimate with and how we partner with life. Their aliveness within us determines how sexually magnetic and open we are and the depths of how much we can give and receive love. The are the essence of our creativity and vision.
I have seen how I have gone through different phases of initiation over my life time. Different phases of life, being marked by empowerments through the different archetypes. Each archetype moving through my life giving me access to different aspects of feminine power.
The Tantric Priestess
The initiation of the tantric priestess took primary stage for me, over the course of about two decades, exploring divine union and receiving her gifts of ecstatic tantric empowerment, the priestess gave me the template of being a guide to others to reach divine. In her shadow I faced her aloneness, her connection with Divine so deep yet her connection with others remaining aloof. The Priestess can be put on a pedestal and then become untouchable. She, like all women, aches for love, to be loved and cared for and to love and care for.
She was my gateway through the valley of death that took me through the initiation into the Wild Woman, the woman who needed to break down the structures of who she thought she was in order to become more fully herself.
She then initiated me into the Wise Woman, who knows the mysteries intimately and has learned to listen to the subtle guidance of her feminine intuition.
I’m now being led into the initiation of the Shakti Queen, the integration of all of the sacred feminine  archetypes.
The Priestess becomes the Queen when she has come out of hiding. She has released her fear of being tortured or killed for embodying Shakti as a sacred force. Her inner wild woman has supported her to move through all the places she has stayed small or held onto sexual shame. She has taken off her cloak of invisibility and allows her mystical self to be seen in her community embodying her full radiant, Sacred Shakti presence.
The Shakti Queen has embodied all the archetypes and she does not lead from a need to be revered, or looked up to. She knows to have a balanced culture everyone needs to take their unique place in the circle. She guides others to find their unique gifts so that they to can take their place in the circle.

She has come into her own inner authority, she knows because she knows and is a womb centred woman, guided by her instinctual, primal feminine knowing.

The embodiment of the Shakti Queen is about embodying SOFT POWER. So many women have become over masculinised and emotionally armoured in order to survive and to make it in the world.

Embodying Shakti Queen is an initiation into the Great Softening, where we learn to claim, celebrate, and most importantly learn how to use our soft feminine power to bring grace and joy into our relationships, families and careers.

I have spent the last nine months teaching this work, three rounds of the cycle online, live in a seven day retreat in Bali having just completed a six week series with an incredible group of priestesses in Melbourne. It has been an incredible journey and i am feeling so passionate about this exploration embodying and unleashing these six main erotic archetypes is so empowering to say the least.

I will be continue to deepen into and share this exploration throughout this year. Both live and online. I am calling this work Embodying Erotic Divinity, and am so exited to share this dance retreat this year in Salt Spring Island, Canada in early July and in Melbourne, Australia in late July and in London, UK and Slovenia in September the year as well as offering another round of the work online.

If you are feeling called, you can check out the links to the event pages for events in your area.

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