Awakening True Power – solar plexus alchemy

dna seedReceiving the streams of divine intelligence into our solar plexus chakra, we are inspired to recreate and envision a new paradigm of power. We move from the old competitive scripts of power and control, where the essential view was your power was a threat to my own. In the new power paradigm, we see that our power enhances and contributes to another’s and we learn to embody the new consciousness of interdependence, collaboration and shared power. This new model requires us to develop our compassionate communication skills, and a whole lot of commitment to letting go of control.

 As we breathe and raise the liquid light of Kundalini Shakti up into our solar plexus chakra, Shakti will assist us to untwist those knots of dread in the pit of our stomaches and she will calm the anxiety in our nervous systems. Our primordial feminine source of life will clear the guilt and all the ways we played small and dimmed ourselves down out of fear. She will urge us to let go where we have tried to stay in control and held on so tight in fright of the great mystery of this life. Shakti gives us the courage to feel our anger and rage and to feel all the ways we gave our power away, all the ways we felt helpless, powerless, or looked outside ourselves for power. She inspires us to source our true power from within.

 Whilst we feel and release whatever has been obstructing the flow of our life force, we open into the alchemical cycle and receive more golden light into our solar plexus chakra. We feel juicy, empowered and enthusiastic about our lives. We radiate warmth and feel the joy of giving. Contributing our gifts to others energizes us. We embody the courage to stand up for ourselves and what we believe in. We have the power to harness our passion, put creative inspirations into action and take our projects all the way to completion.

 When we align our solar plexus with the light of the divine. we trust our gut and learn to follow our true spontaneous expression and creative impulses. We give ourselves the love and approval we used to seek outside ourselves and we become our own inner authority. We allow our wisdom voice to be expressed fearlessly and we honor our unique ways and gifts. We love ourselves. We take care of ourselves—physically, spiritually and emotionally. We become our own best friend.

That’s the alchemy of the two: the mother cleans out the old and the Divine Masculine brings the new.