Opening to the Divine Mother, the Creative Current of Life

This new moon in Gemini we have the opportunity to seed our creative dreams and visions…

As we open to the Divine Mother, we open to the creative current of life. The Divine Mother is nothing less than pure creative force. She is that which births and sustains all new life and all our creation.

When we open to her we feel her as an ecstatic pulse that brings us vitality, vibrancy, creativity and the joy of being in love with life.

Before the mother is the mother, she is the lover. Then comes a time, within love-making, where she is seeded by her lover and she becomes pregnant with new life.

The creative process is the same, there is the time of the seeding where we get that ecstatic inspiration, that rush of creative energy.  Truly pure creativity is like God and Goddess making love in our wombs and heart. It is time to invite this ecstatic union into your body and birth the creations you were destined to bring to earth…

The greatest service to the Divine Mother is to live the life you were born to live, to love in the ways you were designed to love, to create in the ways your soul sings with the most ease and joy.

By living the life that you deeply desire, by moving towards those things that light you up and bring you joy, you serve the greater good for the whole.

If you desire love, give love the spaciousness it needs to come into your life and give yourself the love that you seek outside yourself and that will be reflected within.

If you desire to express creatively, give yourself the space and the tools and allow yourself to create. Sit, paint, dream, sing, write.

Know that life loves you and you deserve to thrive.

:: My deepest hearts desire ::

My heart longs to return to the garden. To live in paradise here on earth.  To live gently in my relationships with my beloveds and all beings as well as in my relationship to the earth. My desire is for a life of peace on earth, where we all live in abundance and flourish here in earth’s garden, amongst her beauty, her lush nature, her abundant gifts, and we love each other, we have time for each other.

I have found that when I am disconnected from the Divine Mother, I feel empty, lost, alone, and my life a directionless wheel, chasing for money, security and connection from others on the outside.

When I am with Her, I feel the connection of being held deeply. My sense of security is no longer anchored in material forms, like houses, or relationships, or money. I am anchored in the true security of being connected to the divine creative streams of life.

When we ride upon her wave of grace, we ride the wave of creation, it is an ecstatic current, a current that brings aliveness, a creative current that wants to birth new creations.

Abundance comes because I am alive in her ecstatic love. These days, all my creations come from this ecstatic place and I am thriving.

 :: 21 Day Divine Mother Immersion Invitation ::

This Solstice I am inviting my global community to take part in a 21 day immersion into devotion with the Divine Mother, collectively creating a sacred container for our graceful return to Her. She is waiting with so much patience and love, as she always has been, and she welcomes us home with open arms.

This coming 21 day immersion is dedicated to sparking the seeds of your deepest creative dreams and an energetic reset to align you into your soul design and ecstatic creative flow.

When you come into connection with the Divine Mother you deepen into the trust that you are held. You know you are supported on your journey. There is nothing to fear, nowhere to fall, for she has given you wings and you will always fly so long as you keep listening.

The mother is grace, she is majesty, she is authenticity and vulnerability. She does not fight, for she knows the battle is already won. Rather she illuminates with her fierce love and shines her light onto the shadows. She asks for your sweet surrender, into her holding chamber of love, where she can give you the medicine you so long for. You just need to open your womb heart and pray.

The Mother invites us to put those things that hold you back from living your greatest life into her cauldron. Don’t try to figure it out, for this transformation will not take place in the intellect. It is a transformation of heart, an alchemy of deep desire, passion and yearning. It is a dance, a song, a cry of gratitude, humility and sweet surrender.

The mother wants you to know that she has always been there, through all of it. She has never once lost faith in your return. She wants you to know that you are whole and complete, and you ARE ready and you are MORE than enough.

You are needed. We need you. Life needs you to live your joy!

I invite you to join us in the circle, it would not be the same without you.

The discount rate ends in a few days.

Click the link to go to the course page to learn more and to register:

Priestess Rising – A 21 Day Practice to Remember Your Soul Calling.

Together may we rise in love,

Leyolah Antara