Shift the Shame

My deepest passion is to help women activate their erotic intelligence in a sovereign way. This is the most powerful tool we have. It is what lights us up, connecting us to our true feminine power and the authentic expression of our souls.

There is an energetic pattern of shame in many of the woman I work with. For whatever reason, waves of shame seem to surface in deep Shakti activation. Even woman who are really sexually active and are super orgasmic and tantric, experience this rising. It arises particularly when I ask women to connect to their womb and their pelvic area / pubic bone as a sacred gateway to radiate in their Shakti power.

Although every woman has her own reason for holding shame, across the board, it restricts the flow of our sexual creative life energy and the expression of our inherent feminine nature.

Shame keeps our sexual energy dull and in a lower vibrational loop.

Much of this sexual shame has come through the mother line, where we have inadvertently taken it on from our mothers. If our mothers carried shame about their bodies or held self-doubt in their way of being, daughters tend to take on the energetic pattern as a way of showing our love. If our mother carries shame and doubt then we feel that we must carry it too. We love her and want her to love us, so we take on the pattern as our own. Though this, we continue the legacy from mother to daughter. It is time to shift the shame so that the paradigm and our legacy leaves a different foot print.

Our sexual life and our creative life are so interwoven, as they are one in the same energy. The shame creates a blanket on our sexual fire. It is an underlying sense that ‘I am not ok as I am’ and it keeps us second-guessing ourselves and holding back our creative fire.

As deeply feeling women, shame is what makes our bodies go numb. Shame is an elusive emotion and is felt in the body like dull freeze, a subtle wave of self-loathing. It is one of the most difficult emotions to pin point, as it makes our inner light go dim. It makes us feel unworthy and not good enough. This shame often reveals itself through body image; that our body is wrong, that our body is not ok as it is, that we are doing it wrong, that we can’t feel, or that we cant have an orgasms or the right kind of orgasm.

Shame is like stagnant waters, a deep and dark murky pool of numbness. It is the ultimate collapsing in on ourselves, and is often is imprinted in us when we were babies.

Shame stays alive through our secrecy, if we are ashamed of it, we don’t talk about it.

One of the best ways of liberating sexual shame is to talk about it. By sharing about it, we bring it out of the shadows and into the light of your awareness for acceptance. To talk about it and be seen in it can be so transformative as shame tends to isolate woman and making us feel like we is alone in the experience.

I have witnessed it time and time again both in myself or in my students, that when we are witnessed in the shame, when we give it a voice, the pattern of the shame shifts out of the pelvic area and the body can open to more and more pleasure. Clearing shame out of the Shakti bowl is like letting light and fresh air into a dark and dank room.

So my dear sister I am inviting you to Shift the Shame and to shed all the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from accessing the limitless potential of your sexual energy. I am inviting you to reclaim your sexual sovereignty as women and to reclaim your original innocence for yourself and for all women on this planet!