Welcome to the Online Academy

We are here to provide you with the keys to unlock the door to your unique divine self and bring awakening into an ecstatic and embodied expression of your full power as love into the world. 

We have been exploring, practicing and teaching divine feminine and divine masculine embodiment practices for decades now and have supported thousands of people to awaken their full potential and brilliance. We are here to support you, you don’t have to do it alone.

Through our Kundalini Dance Certification Training we hold and create a deep sacred space to support your ecstatic awakening and transformation and specialize in the field of feminine empowerment, relationships and sacred sexuality.  If you are longing to awaken your soul gifts, heal patterns in relationships, attract and live the life you were designed for these courses will be great for you.

Kundalini Dance Certification Training

Leyolah Antara’s Online Academy

Books + eBooks Author and Founder of the Kundalini Dance practice Leyolah Antara offers 22 years of research and development and lifetimes of deep feminine wisdom through her books and e books. The eBook version of her book is available now. At the dawn of a global consciousness awakening, now is the time to unleash the power of the once-secret feminine wisdom teachings revealed in Kundalini Dance: Sacred Alchemical Evolutionary Keys.

Music Chakra Trancendance – The keys to natural ecstasyThis CD and 36 page booklet is a tool for those who love to dance and want to experience states of ecstasy naturally. Chakra – Trancendance is an interactive ecstatic dance journey through your 7 chakras. Offering knowledge about breath rhythms, chakras, kundalini and your human energy system which can enhance your dance experience into an ecstatic, shamanic transformational dance rite.

Divine Mother – Womb Meditation

The awakening of the imagination is an incredible event is a person’s life. It is where new directions new shapes are to be found where the inner qualities we long for can be created. Imagination is a sacred force a nexus that connects everything. All creation is a magnificent act of imagination. – John O’Donnahue