Self Compassion and The Divine Mother

The spiritual path of awakening can be a hard ride sometimes, it is not always bliss and whipped cream. Some days you really have to face yourself, to see where you leak power or are caught in negative behavioral loops. As part of the growth process patterns that are not serving your souls growth can really get up and into your face, they play out, and it can feel super uncomfortable to have to admit that you do “that thing”. It can be hard to love your self […] Read more »

Shift the Shame

My deepest passion is to help women activate their erotic intelligence in a sovereign way. This is the most powerful tool we have. It is what lights us up, connecting us to our true feminine power and the authentic expression of our souls. There is an energetic pattern of shame in many of the woman I work with. For whatever reason, waves of shame seem to surface in deep Shakti activation. Even woman who are really sexually active and are super orgasmic and tantric, experience this rising. It […] Read more »

Opening to the Divine Mother, the Creative Current of Life

This new moon in Gemini we have the opportunity to seed our creative dreams and visions… As we open to the Divine Mother, we open to the creative current of life. The Divine Mother is nothing less than pure creative force. She is that which births and sustains all new life and all our creation. When we open to her we feel her as an ecstatic pulse that brings us vitality, vibrancy, creativity and the joy of being in love with life. Before the mother is the mother, […] Read more »

From Priestess to Shakti Queen

The journey of the embodiment of the erotic feminine archetypes is an initiation into what it is to be a complete and whole woman. The archetypes are central to our lives, how we mother, how we partner with those we are intimate with and how we partner with life. Their aliveness within us determines how sexually magnetic and open we are and the depths of how much we can give and receive love. The are the essence of our creativity and vision.   I have seen how I […] Read more »

Sacred Tantric Relationships – Shadow Alchemy

Our relationship with our sexual partner has the potential to be a sacred crucible, an ecstatic alchemical container for the metamorphosis of the soul. Sacred tantric relationship requires having a deep commitment to our own soul growth, as the sacred mirror of the relationship will eventually bring to light our deepest wounds of love. Often it is harder for us to see our own shadows and that is where the sacred mirror of a tantric relationship will reflect back to you all that you have denied. Fears of […] Read more »

Reclaiming the Wild Feminine.

It’s amazing how much vital life force and creativity get’s unleashed when we allow the suppressed energy and emotion that has been trapped in the pelvis free. Set free in full acceptance without judgement, set free on the shaking hips of your inner wild woman dancing in ecstasy. Sometimes, you just got to howl and growl and gyrate your hips. Over two decades of working with thousands of woman, I have found that in order to access the full potential of the deep feminine essence available to us […] Read more »

The Ecstatically Awakening Woman

The Ecstatically Awakening Woman is a woman in metamorphosis. She is changing woman, leaving behind the constructs that have bound her. She no longer fit’s into the mould of the cultural status quo, she lives aligned to her unique soul design. She is creatively on fire and connected to her deeper soul desires. She lives inside the inspirational stream of her creative dreams. She lives a life of passion and purpose, knowing that her imagination is her greatest gift for creating the highest possibilities for her life. She […] Read more »

She :: The Sexually Empowered Woman

She is sensual, grounded and connected to her own source of power. She walks with the confidence and grace of a sexually sovereign woman, connected to the well of Divine. She does not look for a man to complete her, she is whole woman, she is already complete. She is opening to a new way of loving him, her lover, her man, because now she loves herself. She is free because she remembers he is not her source of love, she knows the Divine is her source. She […] Read more »

Awakening Co- Creativity – crown chakra alchemy

Our crown chakra is the most enchanted of all places, where everything meets at the end of the rainbow. The color of the crown chakra is violet. The violet ray is the ray of alchemy. When we transmit violet through our bodies and our chakras, we can experience an alchemical transmutation, freedom from the karmic patterns that no longer serve us. The transformational path of the crown chakra is the return to remembrance of our breath. We move away from our shallow breathing back into central channel breathing […] Read more »

Awakening Intuition – third eye alchemy

As we allow divine light to flood our third eye, we enter into the spaciousness and the soft inner silence of no mind. Resting deep in the spaciousness of silence, we have a direct access to the infinite knowing of divine intelligence, where we are no longer bound by the separate ego-based consciousness with all its fears. We are guided and illuminated by the intelligence that has access to a wider perspective outside the small self with all our petty concerns, where we are no longer separate but […] Read more »