Awakening Co- Creativity – crown chakra alchemy

Screen Shot 2012-09-27 at 10.54.09 AMOur crown chakra is the most enchanted of all places, where everything meets at the end of the rainbow. The color of the crown chakra is violet. The violet ray is the ray of alchemy. When we transmit violet through our bodies and our chakras, we can experience an alchemical transmutation, freedom from the karmic patterns that no longer serve us.

The transformational path of the crown chakra is the return to remembrance of our breath. We move away from our shallow breathing back into central channel breathing where we expand into the fullness of our spiritual body. We begin to breathe as the whales and dolphins do, with our breath streaming through our central channel and extending into our spiritual bodies, like a tube torus, connecting to the core of the earth and the central sun. When we breathe this way, we emerge as ecstatically awakened beings, all of our chakras integrating and unifying so that we can experience the full spectrum of consciousness.

As we awaken the competencies available through the crown chakra, we can experience gradual or sudden realizations, as we unify our fields with the creative fields of life. It is a journey of maturation that takes place over time as we become more integrated and whole. It is not that we become more “spiritual,” leaving our passionate natures and miraculously becoming flawless, rather we have the opportunity to raise consciousness so that we can extend our perception outside the lower vibrational fear-based ways of behaving and operate from a more unified connected consciousness that is more aware, loving, kind, compassionate, understanding and forgiving in our relationship to ourselves and to others.

When Kundalini Shakti, the upward flowing current and the Divine Masculine, Shiva down flowing currents of creation meet and merge in the crown chakra, we activate the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the gland that releases hormones that silence our thoughts. Much like the silence of a Japanese Zen monk, sitting in meditation for weeks on end, or the ferocity and passion of the whirling dervish disappearing in the dance.

Dancing the crown chakra we dissolve into the stillness at the center of the movement. Stillness is not death, or no longer engaging with life. Tue stillness is bursting with limitless potential, potency and life. The mystery of the universe is constantly pouring through you and within this stillness.

Stillness is effortless. It’s beyond the mind. It’s beyond understanding. In true stillness, we are blessed with awareness. It is like our emotional body becomes soothed and slows down. We feel calmer and there is no more interest in engaging in drama. There is no more part of you that is interested in or playing the game anymore, the stillness is simply too enchanting. It wells up inside you, bringing such peace, stillness is in every cell, in the heart of your DNA.

Now there is only the breath, silently moving in and silently moving out, and of course there is the stillness at the center. Within the stillness is the wellspring of joy, a fountain of bliss. It’s the end of all seeking. It’s the most magical of all places—the place where everything meets at the end of the rainbow.