Self Compassion and The Divine Mother

The spiritual path of awakening can be a hard ride sometimes, it is not always bliss and whipped cream. Some days you really have to face yourself, to see where you leak power or are caught in negative behavioral loops. As part of the growth process patterns that are not serving your souls growth can really get up and into your face, they play out, and it can feel super uncomfortable to have to admit that you do “that thing”.

It can be hard to love your self when you realize you have been pushing love away, or being controlling with your children, or seeing how you still struggle to express your authentic self in your daily life.

Whatever it is for you, when the light bulb of self awareness turns on, its so important not to fall into shame or self judgement, we need deep self compassion. We do not evolve by shaming ourselves. The way we evolve is through self compassion and forgiveness and then choose to change our automatic behavioural responses and act differently next time.

Yet the path of self forgiveness is not always easy, and we can be challenged to really feel authentic self compassion and self forgiveness, its much easier to go into self judgement.
This is when I call in the archetypal deities, like Isis, Mother Mary the Black Madonna, the ascended master inner plane guides and teachers can give us powerful transmissions of deep self love and self compassion.

I have such a deep connection to Isis, and Mother Mary now, and they come when I call them. When my heart is hurting or in deep ceremony when I invoke them their presence so palpable and so real. I am so happy to feel, my students and initiates of my sacred temple feel their presence so deeply.
Yet forming a strong relationship with a deity takes time. We need regular devotional practice, to strengthen the bonds over time.

That is why I love the format of the 21 day Immersions with the deities. It gives you an opportunity to get to know the deity and to deepen with them so you can more powerfully receive their transmissions in your life and work forever more.
I am so grateful for my relationship with Isis, she is the Divine Holy Mother of the Egyptian Lineage. She is the emanation of self love, self compassion and self forgiveness.

I am now offering The Temple of Isis – 21 Day Online Course Immersion as a self led journey. Beautifully collated and ready for you to dive into whenever you are ready. Click here to find out more.