Awakening Intuition – third eye alchemy

autumn skyeAs we allow divine light to flood our third eye, we enter into the spaciousness and the soft inner silence of no mind. Resting deep in the spaciousness of silence, we have a direct access to the infinite knowing of divine intelligence, where we are no longer bound by the separate ego-based consciousness with all its fears. We are guided and illuminated by the intelligence that has access to a wider perspective outside the small self with all our petty concerns, where we are no longer separate but interconnected. Here something new can happen.

 After being touched by the vibrating luminous light of the Kundalini Shakti, our pineal gland will begin to glow and we can develop a direct connection to our intuition, our innate divine intelligence, providing higher guidance and insights aligned in the integrity of universal truth, unity consciousness and care for life.

 Kundalini Shakti is an evolutionary current and she will show us where we deny our intuition and inner knowing. She will reveal the naked truths about ourselves and bring awareness to our inner personality structures. She will expose where we are consumed by our inner stories and she helps us see that we don’t need to be bound by them anymore. Our awareness is our key to freedom from our stories.

 As we link into the flows of creation through our practice, our third eye begins to vibrate at a higher and faster frequency. As we change the vibratory pattern, we change our thought processes and we change what we can create in our life. We align to truth and higher consciousness, with one foot in the spaciousness and stillness of the unformed presence of divine and one foot in the movement, changing feminine we co – create our lives with the Divine.