Reclaiming the Wild Feminine.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 12.37.28 PMIt’s amazing how much vital life force and creativity get’s unleashed when we allow the suppressed energy and emotion that has been trapped in the pelvis free.

Set free in full acceptance without judgement, set free on the shaking hips of your inner wild woman dancing in ecstasy.

Sometimes, you just got to howl and growl and gyrate your hips.

Over two decades of working with thousands of woman, I have found that in order to access the full potential of the deep feminine essence available to us in our pelvic bowl and to unleash the unique potential of our feminine soul we need to source the power from our inner wild woman, the raw primal wild part of us, the animal part of us, who is still connected to her instinctual knowing and knows what to do to set your feminine soul free.

Our inner wild woman has been domestisized, over educated, tamed and shamed.
We dimmed her down to survive, but now we need to re awaken her if we are to truly live a soul full life.

Our wildness was probably cut off when we were children, without her, without accessing the fullness of her range we are left bereft, void of fire, passion aliveness. We are no longer connected to our instincts.

How did this occur?

Tame the wild woman and we are able to be conditioned, controlled, fed false images of the perfect feminine and actually swallow them whole.We have believed that life for far too long, or we needed to dim her down to survive, well now we cant survive without her.We as a species cant survive with out our souls anymore.

Kali Ma

She will give us the power to source your inner roar, the sound that will unleash the deep feminine power that has been trapped inside your pubic bone. I invite you to dance her awake, let your hips shake and your bones rattle, let your jaw unlock and set your wild heart free. Find the beauty of your beast and let her feast on the shame, the pain.

We as woman hold so much rage in our pelvis, in our pubic bones, we have collectively suppressed our feminine power for so long, we have had so much collective fear around it. That was valid. I mean we had a few centuries where in western world any woman who shined in her magical self, who showed a connection to her wild feminine, magical luminous power who shone as one connecting to the goddess as one connected to her feminine soul, was punished, tortured burned at the stake. I mean this went on for over five generations.

So its in no wonder, we learnt to hide, from mother to daughter we got entrained to cloak to hide to our soul gifts.Wild woman like some wild animals are an endangered species, we need to restore her place on earth.

A woman’s flagging vitality can be restored by a simple howl that comes deep from your core, let yourself roar !Lets dance to activate the Kali Shakti, to re wild ourselves, let us dance to reclaim the wild feminine.

An excerpt from my most recent webinar in my free e course Embodying Feminine Soul

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