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Kundalini Dance: Sacred Alchemical Evolutionary Keys
by Leyolah Antara

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This book is the tome of the life work of Leyolah Antara founder of Kundalini Dance. Contained within it are the jewels of decades of research and development in the field of transformational alchemy. This work has its basis in Tantra and goes beyond Tantra as we dive deep into an exploration of the subtle dynamics of the human shadow, offering tools for emotional alchemy that support the reclamation of ones true power and return to love.

Explore the transformational power of Kundalini Shakti, the Divine Feminine healing power and journey with her through the chakra system to explore and transmute what stands in the way of living your your greatest life. Igniting this luminous power within is the key for both men and woman to transform themselves and attain divine union and balance with the Sacred Masculine. The Kundalini Dance work addresses the deepest archetypal relationship patterns between men and woman and how that reflects our relationship with the Divine. The result for the dedicated practitioner is peace and balance within your inner and outer masculine and feminine relationships and peace with the Divine. This book is an essential guide book for alternative healers, ecstatic dancers, shamanic practitioners and anyone interested in learning tools for self – healing that will ecstatically awaken consciousness.

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Morning Prayers – A daily practice guidebook
by Leyolah Antara

Our daily spiritual practice is how we maintain our equanimity in the face of life’s daily challenges. Our daily spiritual practice keeps our vibration high, supports us to make conscious choices and to stay positive in our thoughts.  When we realign to love daily and open our hearts and bodies to the ecstatic pulsation of creation, we remember to choose love over fear. Within this e book, I am offering you three daily spiritual practices that are the fundamental teachings of the kundalini dance work to support you to keep your energy field clear and aligned in love. Our choice for love and positive action is the seed that is sprouting the new paradigm of love on earth. Coming soon…