womb blessingWomen are wired. Wired and tired. Living in a state of hyper overdrive.

We are juggling so many different roles these days. Rushing from this to that, constantly on the go. We have endless to do lists, nurturing and caring for everyone else in our lives but not really taking the time to nurture and care for ourselves.

Although on some level we are achieving great things through our highly focused life styles and our care for others, on another level we are feeling deeply tired, drained and depleted. One thing we know if we keep going like this we are going to burn out.

The nervous system plays a really big role in how tired but wired we as woman feel, how we look and how we relate to ourselves and to others.The two branches of the nervous system that relate to this concept are the sympathetic nervous system versus the parasympathetic nervous system.

The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is the ‘fight or flight’ response or the stressed out response, and the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is the ‘rest and digest’ and repair response which is the calm response.

In our current full and busy life styles, we are currently in PNS dominance and our body is in a constant state of “fight or flight”. Our nervous system doesn’t know that the adrenalin pumping inside of us is not from a physical threat to your life, but rather our body’s response to the caffeine we drink or the pressures of our far to busy daily life. While we are living on adrenalin, even our sleep in not deeply restful or restorative.

As a single mother, on a mission, running my own business, taking care of our home, offering my gifts to my community and having a social life, I know all about it. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and feel and intense knot of anxiety in my solar plexus and I feel like I am in some kind of primal survival mode, my body get’s tense, I start running around in circles, my eating patterns are off, my womb is aches, I feel adrenal pumping through my system. I am living in a state I have come to know as “fight or flight” or the stressed out response. In this space, we are not at all creatively sourced or very productive.

It is those times when I feel overwhelmed and like I just want to hide in my cave and if I am listening to my deeper feminine knowing that is exactly what I do.

I stop. Press Pause.
I center into the spaciousness of my womb and I rest. I fill up my cup. Then I come back out into my world renewed and my daily doing comes from a fuller, deeper richer place. I am sourced in my deep feminine essence.

If we want to learn how to deal with stress, anxiety, water retention and sugar cravings we really need to take time to activate the sympathetic nervous system, slow down our breathing, centre and relax. Enter the spaciousness of our deep feminine essence and calm the nervous system down.

A woman’s womb is a place we can return home to our bodies and enter her warm and spacious velvety dark light. We can let go of the doing for a while and then when we come out we can give our best, with the candle burning at both ends, not just one.

The womb is a woman’s grounding centre, a place where we can rest and rejuvenate. Womb Breathing is one of the most deeply replenishing and rejuvenating practices I have experienced.
When we rest in the womb cave, we can simply embrace ourselves are we are. We remember we are enough. That there is nothing we need to do.

As we journey into the depths of winter and towards the solstice our darkest night, we are called into the dark light. Our natural bodies rhythm are calling us to slow down and turn within. Winter is a time of incubation a time to of the great stillness. Like the leaves that fall from the tree, we are called to strip back to become empty and return to our core.


Our womb invites us to dissolve and let go of all the expectations of who we think we should be all parts of our selves are welcome here. We can simply be. A place where we can relax and let go of all the business and the doing and rest.


When we are centred in the womb we know a deep peace, and the silence of being connected to the womb of creation. The infinite source of all life for within our womb lays the seed of Shakti that is the essential life giving essence of all life on this earth.

The womb cave of pure creativity where you can become a co creator with Divine Mother Shakti and after your rest your actions are impulsed by this deeper creative feminine source.

Our womb is our greatest guide, and we can attune ourselves to receiving her council and wisdom, speaking to us through her warm waves of love and her gentle voice of truth.

Since I have become a womb-centered woman, my womb has become an intuitive guide, burning warm when I am deeply connected to my creative flow or when I am speaking or writing from my deep feminine wisdom. When I am disconnected from my creativity, from my feminine power, when I am in my head and off track, my womb does not glow, she is cold, dull, lifeless. My womb has become a barometer for truth, giving me the power of discernment. I have felt the ecstatic fire in my womb the strongest through my devotional prayer to connect my womb to the Womb of Gaia in which I ask her to light me up and support me to cleanse, feel and awaken my higher consciousness. It is such a blessing, such a joy to feel connected in this way. I pray that all woman reconnect with their wombs and their source of radiant feminine power.

I warmly invite you to enter your womb and rest. I have provided a guided womb awakening meditation process for you to experience and embody this sacred feminine practice. To restore, replenish and renew your self, beautiful woman.
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Womb Meditation – http://eepurl.com/bo1Xxr
May your womb awaken to her full potential,

Leyolah Antara