Video Trainings


Through the video trainings Leyolah reveals the unique tantric energy tools that are the foundation of the Kundalini Dance practice. Each video training will focus on different self healing keys to support you to clear blocked emotions, and ecstatically awaken
new evolutionary potentials.

When both the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy weave through our energy system and unite in the chakras, we experience the ecstasy of transformational alchemy. We tap into the creative field of life and begin to feel the vast infinite possibilities of our power to co-create. The more we open to the cosmic flow of creation, the more she purifies our fear and self-doubt, our guilt and our shame and we remember that we are so worthy of our greatest life. As we evolve, our integrity deepens, as does our willingness to serve for the flourishing and betterment of all life, to serve the cosmic creative forces and to fine tune our bodies and our skills.

Sacred Alchemical Chakra Breathing Practices
8 Box Set

1.  Root Chakra Alchemy Practice
Making peace with the divine feminine, releasing survival fear and ecstatically opening to the abundance grids of creation.

2.  Sacral Chakra Alchemy Practice
Energising creative energy, releasing sexual blockages and wounding, opening to sexuality as an evolutionary current of life.

3.  Solar Plexus Alchemy Practice
Balancing your inner fire, releasing control or playing small and awakening your power as love.

4.  Heart Chakra Alchemy Practice
Softening and opening your heart, releasing wounds of love and strengthening the flame of love within.

5.  Thymus Chakra Alchemy Practice
Connecting to divine, releasing sense of separation and remembering oneness.

6.  Throat Chakra Alchemy Practice
Opening into vulnerability, releasing all the ways your hold back your true expression,  strengthening your capacity for authentic communication.

7.  Third Eye Alchemy Practice
Calming the mind, releasing confusion and distraction, cultivating intuition and inner wisdom.

8.  Crown Chakra Alchemy Practice
Making peace with the Divine Masculine, God, releasing unworthiness or disappointment and awakening to divine union.