Terms & Conditions

Registration information

  • To reserve your place register with your deposit of $650 USD. This deposit is non-refundable. A confirmation email will be issued to you upon receipt.
  • To redeem the Early Bird offer, the full early bird payment is due before 2nd April 2019.
  • For those paying full price, payment plans must begin by 11th January 2019 and full payments must be paid by the 11th July 2019.
  • All payments must be completed in full before the retreat begins to be able to attend.

Travel arrangements

All travel arrangements are your responsibility and incur at your own cost. Kundalini Dance shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from delays or cancellations in any of the companies you may have made arrangements with, or for any irregularities in your documentation required for travel. We recommend purchasing Travel Insurance to cover you from any unexpected delays, cancellations or travel disturbances that could incur.

Cancellation and refund policy

  • The $650 US deposit is non-refundable.
  • If cancellation is made before 8th May 2019 then 100% of the course fee paid will be refunded (minus Paypal fees). This refund does not include the deposit of $650 US.
  • Cancellations after 8th May 2018 will not be refunded unless the place can be filled.

Health disclaimer

As this is an Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training, we will be dancing and doing yoga and other movement practices everyday.  Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness will be able to fully enjoy both the dance & yoga practice, however, this training may not be suitable for anyone who has serious physical/medical conditions. If you have had any serious physical or emotional illness within the last 5 years, or are under and medical or psychiatric supervision please advise us at the time of booking. If you are in any doubt about your ability to participate in this training please contact us beforehand to discuss this.

***Please ensure that you have adequate travel insurance to cover you for your retreat***


Please understand that you are responsible for your own health and well-being during the retreat. Leyolah Antara and Lyndsay (Lila) Spencer will not be held liable for any injuries or other medical or emotional problems that may occur, are sustained or aggravated during or after your time on retreat.

Leyolah Antara and Lyndsay (Lila) Spencer will not accept any responsibility for cancellations, delays or changes cause by war, threat of war, terrorist actions, closure of airports, civil strike, industrial action, natural disasters, technical problems to transport, illness of participants or close relatives/pets, acts of God or any other events beyond our control. Neither can we be responsible for any loss or damage of property or disruption of program due to circumstances beyond the control of Leyolah Antara and Lyndsay (Lila) Spencer.


* Please note that attendance to this retreat will not necessarily qualify you as a Kundalini Dance Facilitator. Leyolah Antara will only give accreditation to those participants who fully participate in all aspects of the training and who embody the Kundalini Dance work. Leyolah reserves the right to choose who she will qualify as a Kundalini Dance Facilitator and who she will not.