Welcome to The Sungate Temples of the Nile
with Leyolah Antara & Ahmed El Feqy

9th – 22nd October 2018

Join us on this sacred journey to all the major temples of Ancient Egypt along the lush Nile Valley to experience the resonance of this sacred land and receive the wisdom codes from its living temples, activating your genetic memory and inherent knowing. This is an opportunity for the embodiment of divine love and remembrance of the sacred keys of divinity within you. Accessing Ancient Egyptian Wisdom through direct experience and transmissions, while working with the Divine frequencies of the Egyptian Deities, The Neteru.

In times of great awakening we journey to places of heightened spiritual energies because contact with such energy is a catalyst to our own awakening. Here is where the resonance is most felt and energetic signatures directly accessed and received.

Ancient sacred sites were created with divine awareness with an impeccable precision of mathematical and sacred geometrical architecture combined with a specific combination of natural elements over the earth’s most powerful leylines to create harmonic resonance with archetypal energies or properties (frequencies) of Spirit / Source expressed in Nature as a living conscious energy, bridged and interacting through humanity. Our journey will take us through the temples to experience consciously these energies and creative principles within oneself, which the Egyptians identified as the Neteru, what we often call Gods and Goddesses or Deities.

This journey is facilitated by Egyptian Adept, Ahmed el Feqy, founder of Sungate and Stargate Tours, and Leyolah Antara creator of the global movement Kundalini Dance and The Temple of Isis Mystery School.  Together we will be holding a powerful container with high frequencies to assist you on this journey through the mystical land of Egypt to experience her living temples and Divine Wisdom codes.

From the energetic center of the Great Giza Pyramids and Sphinx to Abydos traditional village, lush island resort in Luxor and Aswan Isis island retreat, via private boat, with a special private visit to the Temple of Isis on the full moon. With group circles, meditations, facilitation and dance.

We are honoured to receive you.


:: Day One ::
Arrival in Giza

Arrival into Cairo International Airport. Obtaining the entrance visa at the airport. Transfer by airport limousine to Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx Hotel in Giza, located by the pyramids. Check in. Relax and unwind from the journey. Meet for group dinner and introduction.

:: Day Two ::
Giza Pyramids & Sphinx

After breakfast we will visit the Giza Pyramids & the Sphinx. Transport by private bus. Entrance into the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, toning activation, connecting to the Galactic Center, Solar Resonance and crystalline healing frequencies. Then walk the Sphinx causeway from the second pyramid leading to the Sphinx Temple. We will spend about 3 hours at the Giza Plateau, the throat chakra of the planet, then return for lunch and have a free evening for group session and integration. Constellations: Sirius, Orion, Leo, Pleiades.

:: Day Three ::
Visit Sakkara and Abo Ghorab Temples

Sakkara is the healing temple of sound and light, through harmonic resonance from the architecture itself, where ancient techniques of healing were practiced. We will arrive early in the day to enter the Pyramid of Unas and see the pyramids’ text, the Book of Going Forth By Day (otherwise known as the Egyptian Book of the Dead) and be immersed into this presence within the pyramid. This is the only pyramid with text inside, representing the journey of the soul through the afterlife and back through the cycle of resurrection.

After our day visit we will have an outdoors lunch by the pool at the Sakkara Country Club followed by a visit to the Hotep Temple of the Sun at Abo Ghorab, one of the oldest sites in the area. Hotep is an ancient crystalline altar in a sacred geometrical formation aligned with the four directions and known to be the landing pad of the Neteru. Cosmic Forces of Nature /Angelic Archetypes / Divine Attributes / Creative Frequencies.

We will witness the sunset on top of the collapsed pyramid at Abo Ghorab with a panoramic view of the Giza, Abu Sir, Sakkara and Dahshur pyramids. And return in the early evening to relax at the hotel, preparing for our early flight to Luxor the following morning.

:: Day 4 ::
Fly to Luxor

After enjoying an early breakfast we will check out of the hotel and transfer by private bus to the Cairo airport for an early flight to Luxor. Upon arrival in Luxor a private bus will transport us to our luxury resort, situated on its own private island growing its own organic fruit and vegetables. We will check in the Jolie Ville King’s Island Resort and have a relaxed day by the Nile and the beautiful pools surrounded by lush green areas. Then visit Luxor Temple in the evening with our Egyptologist guide and return for group dinner. The main deity in Luxor is Amun Ra. The primordial deity symbolized by wind, the unseen realm. The invisible aspect of the Sun. Chief Deity and Supreme Creator God.

:: Day Five ::

We will store our luggage at the resort and check out in the morning, to take an early private bus ride to Abydos (3hrs). Upon arrival we will check in the Flower of Life Guest House, a village house run by local family of wisdom keepers, situated at the edge of the village by the Ramses Temple. After lunch we will visit the Temple of Seti & the Osirion. These are very significant temples due to the spiritual resonance of this land, which was a pilgrimage site and spiritual center in Ancient Egypt.

Abydos indigenous name is Ta Wer, meaning the abode of the Ancient Ones. This is where the first Egyptian Kings were found and it dates all the way back into prehistory. The temple is dedicated to Ausir (Osiris / Ausar), the archetype of the Divine Primordial Father. Symbolically represented by the Djed Pillar of light, which correspond to the spine and lingam in the human body. Representing the principle of Resurrection, Renewal, and Regeneration through the journey of the Soul into the afterlife going through the cycle of Rebirth. This is why Ausir represents the Lord of the Underworld, for it is the stage in the Sun’s cycle as it journeys through the night to be reborn again at dawn. The temples are linked to Sirius and known to be the location of an ancient stargate. There is a lot of activity in the spiritual realm at this site, which can be sensed and witnessed in silence on the inner planes.

According to researcher William Henry, the ancient Egyptian object named Ta-Wer aka “Osiris” device, was a stargate machine capable to open wormholes or dimensional openings used by Seth and Osiris to “travel across the underworld.”

After our day visit to the temples we will return to our guest house to relax, refresh and have traditional homemade Egyptian food for dinner prepared by the local family. There’s a sweet rustic rooftop with cushions for our group session, where we can relax, tell stories and sip tea under the night sky overlooking the desert.

:: Day Six ::

After breakfast we will say goodbye to Abydos and transfer by private bus to Dendarah (2hrs) as we make our way back to Luxor. We will visit the Hathor Temple in Dendarah for the day. Hathor is the Birthing principle of Nature, the archetype of the Divine Nourisher, the nourishing mother aspect, her symbol is the cow, representing nourishment and her tools are music, sound, healing, dance and all the gentle nourishing qualities of the mother. She is the birthing principle. The Lady of Love, Venus, the Healer, and the heavenly seven maidens / heavenly realms. The female consort of Heru (Horus), his wife, that’s why her name is Hat-Heru. Hat is the house or womb of nature and Heru is the realized Divine Principle.

Symbolically we will be coming out of the regenerative Osirian mysteries into the birthing principle of Hathor. She is an aspect of Auset (Isis), for all women are of Auset, she of the ten thousand names, who holds the throne.

The temple stands alone surrounded by an ancient wall, giving the captivating sense of timelessness. With magnificent pillars with Hathor’s face and Nut the Sky Goddess on the ceiling as the overarching principle of the Divine Primordial Mother.

For the Egyptians all these principles are linked as a sequence in nature from the Macrocosm into the Microcosm. The idea is for the human to relate to such principles in a personal manner in daily life, thus transcending mundane life into the heavenly, cosmic and celestial / spiritual reality. There is no separation, for the Divine qualities must be present through our actions, thoughts, feelings and deeds. It is therefore a matter of purification, to raise our consciousness and vibrations to the heavenly realm and invite them into our material physical daily life. This is the Union of Heaven & Earth. God and Human. Spirit and Matter. Male and Female. Consciousness and Body. The principle of Embodiment.

The experience of birth, rebirth, nourishment and healing is the highlight of this temple as we walk through the gates of time experiencing long forgotten unknown and untold mysteries that remain resonant within the walls and harmonic pillars of the temple, into the hidden underground secrets watched over by the celestial heavenly realms of Nut the Sky Goddess, mother of all.

We will then return to Luxor by our private bus (1.5hr) to arrive back where we started at the Jolie Ville resort, unwind from the journey and share a group dinner by the Nile. With an overnight on King’s Island.

:: Day Seven ::

After breakfast we will have a guided visit to Karnak with our local Egyptologist. Karnak is a conglomerate of temples representing the various Egyptian Dynasties. It is a journey through time experiencing the passage through the Dynastic Egyptian lineages as we walk the energetic Leylines going through the center all the way to the holy of the hollies. Walking through harmonic pillars and obelisks built to create a resonance housing the Neteru. Ultimately this is the purpose of the temple, to connect humanity to the Divine realm of the Neteru. We will visit the famous shrine of Sekhmet, the Solar Lioness Goddess, and her male consort Ptah, the Architect Creator. Khnum the Moon God. The sacred lake and seven dimensional gateway of Ausir (Osiris). After our day visit we will return to our island resort to relax, eat and have a break then gather again for group session. Followed by dinner & Overnight on King’s Island Resort.

:: Day Eight ::

Today we will check out of the island resort after breakfast and move to our Nile boat to embark on a 3 day Nile journey to Aswan, where the Isis Temple is located, visiting beautiful Temples along the way. After check in we will visit Hapu Temple on the western bank of the Nile. Then return to the boat for embarkation to Aswan. We will have a relaxed schedule with free evening for group sessions and personal work. With lunch, dinner & overnight on the boat.

:: Day Nine ::
Edfu & Komombo

Sailing up the Nile we will visit the Edfu (Horus) Temple early in the morning & Komombo (Sobek) Temple around sunset. The boat will be sailing up the Nile all day making our way to Aswan, the Nubian land. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight on the Boat.

Heru (Horus) is the Sun King, symbolized by the Falcon with the Crown and the Eye of Horus which represents the Pineal Gland. This is the Divine Masculine energy representing the Pharaoh King of Egypt, who is the spiritual leader of the people, the realized Divine Principle. The one who mediates between the people and the Neteru (Gods/Angelic Realm / Cosmic Archetypes). There are five aspects of Horus representing his development from birth to maturity to finally unify with Ra, the Sun God, also symbolized by the Falcon with the Sun Disk, in the form of Rahorakty, Horus of the Two Horizons. This is the principle of attainment of Divine Perfection. The completion of the spiritual journey reaching maturity, unifying both horizons of the dual nature of creation as night and day, light and dark, male and female, spirit and matter, life and the afterlife. RA (Sun) – Akhet (Horizon) – Heru (Horus). A winged Lion.

The energy of Horus relates to the Pineal Gland and Third Eye. The Seer and Guardian of the Spiritual Realm.

Sobek is the crocodile Neteru, representing fertility and power. Integrating the reptilian aspect of human DNA and the base chakra, overcoming fear with the right use of power and healthy sexuality, the potency of the fertile principle in Nature. In Egyptian mythology, Sobek guards Ra through the journey into the underworld and helps him devour the enemy represented by the three headed serpent, Apep. The dual aspect of Sobek and Heru present at the Komombo Temple is an affirmation of that Union between the spiritual leader / King of Egypt and the principle of Fertility and Power. The Realized Divine Presence.

:: Day Ten ::

Today we arrive with our boat in Aswan and have a free flowing day. We will take an afternoon felucca sail boat to Elephantine Island and visit the Khnum temple. Elephantine Island was a major port on the Nile in ancient times. It has a Nilometer, Khnum temple and the remains of the old town and Jewish temple that was once located there. There are some stories that the Ark of the Covenant was once kept secretly on the island. Today there is an ongoing excavation on the island and a local Nubian village.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight on the boat.

:: Day Eleven ::
Philae Island 3 day retreat

After breakfast we will check out of the boat and transfer by a short bus ride then motor boat to Philae, where the Isis Temple is located and our island retreat at the Nubian Camp, strategically located adjacent to the Temple of Isis, the Divine Mother and Creative Principle. We will check in the Nubian camp which we will have for ourselves for the following three nights. Relax & enjoy nature all day. Have free time and group sessions.

This is a place of magic, mystery and power. A place of going inwards, tuning into the stillness, elements of nature and the active spiritual planes. We are located right next to the Horus Island and the original location of the Isis Temple, which we will visit on the following day.

The Nubian tribe is in the southernmost part of Egypt, they are dark skinned and more African looking. They have their own language, art, music and traditions. They are people of heart, extremely sensitive, pure and high spirited. The word Neb in Ancient Egypt means Gold, for there is gold in this land and definitely the vibration of gold itself is accessed in the atmosphere, which has a mystical nature. There is a feeling of communion with the Divine Mother and the nurturing element of Water.

They prepare delicious vegetarian Nubian food on the island, which we will enjoy every day with breakfast, lunch, dinner and our overnight stay in beautiful domed rooms that are built into the rock formations on the island. There is opportunity to stargaze, dance by the fire, sing, laugh, and cry, make music and henna tattoos.

:: Day Twelve ::
Isis Temple

Today we will have our private visit to the Temple of Isis. The highlight of our journey.

Auset (Isis) is the Divine Cosmic Mother, the principle of the Feminine Creative Power, she encompasses all the feminine attributes for she is the Divine Feminine Principle herself, the creative power that conceived, both physically and metaphysically, all living creatures. Her native Egyptian name is Auset, “Aus” represents the Source, the power and “et” is the feminine quality added to the name. Auset also means The Lady, for she is the Lady of Heaven and Earth. Representing both the Universal Womb and Earth. Her symbol is the Throne as she is the Crown of Creation and her star is Sirius (Sothis), the blue star. Auset is the Feminine Principle of Nature, receptive of every form and of generation, she has countless attributes and names as she manifests in all her qualities. That’s why she’s also known as She of the 10,000 names.

We will immerse ourselves in this Feminine Quality of the Cosmic Divine Mother and attune to this nature within ourselves. Understanding the mysteries of the virgin birth, the Madonna, chastity, purity and the creative feminine that births the perfect divine human from within.

:: Day Thirteen ::

A day of stillness and silence. Taking in all the magic. This is our closing circle day as we relax deeper and deeper into this sacred Presence, finding the space of anchored stillness within ourselves, supported and nourished by the Neteru and elements of Nature, balanced with the flow of life within us, through us and all around us. We will have our celebration expressing gratitude and joy for the completion of this journey.

Perhaps a Nubian Dance Party?

:: Day Fourteen ::
Fly to Cairo

Closing the journey and saying goodbyes. Leaving the island and catching an early flight from Aswan to Cairo. Then taking the international flight back home on the same day from Cairo airport. For those staying an extra night or two, we will transfer to Giza to check in Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx Hotel back where we started. Relax and have an open day.

:: Journey Overview ::
The trip price includes:

✓ All lodging (Giza hotel, Luxor resort, Abydos guest house, Nile boat, Aswan Nubian lodge)
✓ Local transport including round trip flights from Cairo-Luxor & Aswan-Cairo,
private air-conditioned tour buses, boat rides, Nile Cruise Ship
✓ Ticket entrance to all the sacred sites
✓ Egyptologist guide
✓ Facilitators & Tour Leader
✓ All meals are included except in Giza & Luxor (Breakfast only)


✓ 3 nights in Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx Hotel in Giza with Breakfast
✓ 3 nights in Jolie Ville King’s Island Resort in Luxor with Breakfast
✓ 1 night in Abydos Flower of Life Guest House with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
✓ 3 nights on Nile Cruise with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
✓ 3 nights on Agilika Nubian Island Lodge with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


✓ Giza Pyramids & Sphinx
✓ Sakkara & Abo Ghorab
✓ Karnak & Luxor Temples
✓ Abydos: the Osirion & Temple of Seti
✓ Dendarah (Hathor) Temple
✓ Hapu Temple (Ramses)
✓ Edfu (Horus)
✓ Komombo (Sobek & Horus)
✓ Khnum (Elephantine Island)
✓ Isis Temple

What’s not included:

✓ International Flights
✓ Entry Visa ($25 in cash)
✓ Thai Yoga Massage Treatments ($100 per session)
✓ Yoga Sessions (Private $80 / Group $120)
✓ Spa & Beauty Treatments
✓ Gratuities

:: Gratitude From Others ::


Adrienne Roumasset – USA

‘Since I’ve worked with Leyolah my world has transformed, a change that is palpable and that my friends are amazed by. The practices she teaches are so potent, I have cleared grief, shame, pain, rejection consciousness – have connected deeply to a constant source of support and love in the Divine Mother, and feel in my daily life uplifted, blissful, sensual and deeply in my body. I have re-connected to my womb and my regular periods have returned. Words don’t do it justice – I truly feel Leyolah is on this Earth to bring women into their true power.’


Krystal Perkins

‘I had a powerful experience under the loving guidance and expertise from Ahmed and Sungate tours. Together we were able to form a powerful journey among celestial alignments and sacred sites for temple activations. A memorable experience!”I had a powerful experience under the loving guidance and expertise from Ahmed and Sungate tours. Together we were able to form a powerful journey among celestial alignments and sacred sites for temple activations. A memorable experience!”


Johnine Barlow – Australia

‘Leyolah has shown me the way to understand my own sexual power within as pure, magnetic and a creative life force that can purify and transcend what we carry as a collective consciousness of fear, shame, pain, suppression and wounding liberating into freedom. Her work is presented with deep and inner connection, the moment teachings and transmissions can be felt through time and space. My life has transformed in so many ways, more enriched and there is no doubt as go forth as an Authentic Leader as she is.’


Gudrun Meincke

‘Very special way of traveling by really connecting with the country, local people and sacred places. A deep experience, that let me feel alive and brought me in a process of a inner healing transformation. Ahmed understands it in a unique way to open the space of time, miracles, magic in the ancient temples to let me feel these powerful energies and places deep inside myself. Thank you’A deep experience, that let me feel alive and brought me in a process of a inner healing transformation. Ahmed understands it in a unique way to open the space of time, miracles, magic.


Phoung Herzer

‘Travel consciously and experience moments of true beauty in different cultures. Be open, stay open, and you’ll get the best out of everything. I enjoyed very much travelling with Sungate.’Travel consciously and experience moments of true beauty in different cultures. Be open, stay open, and you’ll get the best out of everything. I enjoyed very much travelling with Sungate.Travel consciously and experience moments of true beauty in different cultures. Be open, stay open, and you’ll get the best out of everything. I enjoyed very much travelling with Sungate.

:: About Your Facilitators ::

Leyolah Antara

'I am on a mission to inspire women to be fearless creators of their sacred work. I have found that the best way to re connect a woman back to her power and her passion is to lead her to the fountain of her sacred source of pleasure. To resurrect the creative power of Shakti within her womb, to teach her how to turn on her inner light and in that spark her inner genius. It is my greatest joy to support women to shine brighter to unleash her from whatever is dimming down her light, keep her small, shut down and lead her to her source of power, where she can connect to her authentic voice, her deeper desires and create a life that she was born to live. I am a long term teacher of embodied sacred feminine practice, an author, priestess of the Isis lineage, creator of Kundalini Dance. I am a keeper of the Temple of Isis a mystery school, dedicated to the empowerment of the sacred feminine. Receiving teachings from the Isis lineage is a journey back into your sensuality, to embody your deep feminine soul. I have found after 30 years of working with women to reclaim their sensuality and activate their Kundalini Shakti, ( creative life force energy) that this is a direct path of soul level remembrance, transformation and empowerment. I look forward to guiding you to the source of your true feminine power and remember the sacred callings of your soul. That you may live the life of your unique soul design.  

Ahmed El Feqy

'My love for wisdom and Divine Knowledge has led me on a deep mystical journey that brought me to the gates of Heaven on Earth, accessing Divinity from within. Through years of meditation, ceremony, direct energetic transmissions at Ancient Temples and sacred sites around the world, and lifelong friendships with indigenous wisdom keepers in Egypt, Peru, Mexico and North America, I have uncovered long lost wisdom through my lineage and DNA. This direct mystical experience brought me in close contact with the Divine Principles, Archetypes, celestial creative forces of Nature and the Cosmos, actively working through human kind. I learned to bridge these realities in my everyday life, following the wisdom of my Ancestors and transmitting this wisdom through a way of life honoring the intimate dynamic relationship and connection between the micro and macrocosm, the Earth and Celestial Realms, Humanity and the Divine. After years of inner work, journeying, purifying, sungazing, cultivating my own life force and inner senses, anchoring this sacred knowledge, and working with higher dimensional frequencies in ceremonies at sacred sites in Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Asia and North America, I developed the Sungate School and Stargate Tours to lead sacred journeys to sacred sites around the world and bring spiritual seekers into direct contact with these multidimensional gateways at the temples and within humanity, accessing the Divine Realm through Gnosis, direct experience. The Sungate journeys are opportunities for uncovering one’s innate wisdom and timeless truth, a deep experience of transformation and healing. It is a form of spiritual alchemy and initiation to go through the temple gates and uncover Universal Truth, learn esoteric Wisdom from the indigenous tradition and direct experience. This activation has the potential of transforming one’s life. I am of Egyptian lineage with shamanic training, academic degrees in philosophy and law, independent research and in depth experience in parapsychology, ancient wisdom, mysticism, myth and magic. This is my passion. I live for it. It is my Dharma. I am honored to hold this container, support and facilitate mystical journeys for all true seekers of Divine Wisdom. Out of all the Neteru the strongest connection I have is to the Sun, the archetypes of RA and Heru (Horus), unified as Ra-Horakty. The realized Divine Principle. This is my journey and the spiritual path that chose me. I am honored to share with you.'

Pricing Options

Double Room
$3500 per person

Private Room
:: Private rooms are subject to availability at the Nubian island and the boat ::

For additional info please email:
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