Hawaii Temple Retreat
with Leyolah Antara & Shona Keeli Jones

31st January (Full Moon) – 5th February 2018

We invite you to come and join us your temple sisters on the magical island of Kauai. To dive deeper into the Erotic Feminine mysteries and magical teachings of The Rose Lineage. On a a journey to reclaim your sexual sovereignty and your pure erotic innocence.

We will commune in deep feminine sacred space to listen to the whispers of your womb and heart and allow the oracle from within to lead you to your inner sanctum, holy of hollies and activate the crystalline codes of your souls remembrance.

Grandmother Kauai is calling her daughters home, our aina ( land ) speaks to your soul, listen and hear the echoes of your ancestors. As she holds us in her sacred amniotic fluid of mystic codes, we are given a gift of rebirth. Ancient womb wisdom awakening from within, restore your feminine radiance through the pure erotic innocence of the rose.

Join us as we explore the art of sexual alchemy in a safe sisterhood container, unlocking the crimson codes of the blood mysteries, expanding and contracting together as we move through the seven grail gates. Womb to Tomb Sister, We truly are in this together!

Through accessing the Isis Magdalene Rose lineage, within the heart, mind and body wisdom of women lies some of the greatest secrets and greatest evolutionary codes and keys waiting to be revealed.

The Rose Lineage is blossoming open your heart with each petal with the pulsing elegance of ” The Divine Mother ” in her most fertile abundance! We will spend five days and six nights unveiling our most luxurious and authentic self, while we play, pray, practice, dance, sweat, cry, nourish, indulge and explore the sacred land of Kauai, like the true queens we are.

Photography by Chanel Baran

Our time together includes adventures to sacred feminine sites on the island, daily kundalini dance, embodiment rituals, energetic soul shakti activations, sacred women’s circle, initiation and teachings of the rose, feminine rebirth bodywork, a Full Moon Womb Illumination clearing ceremony under the stars, organic mandala raw living cuisine!

Day One - Full Moon Womb Clearing Ceremony & Sisterhood Circle

🌹  We will arrive at 3 pm, settle into our nests, eat a high vibrational organic meal and begin our evening with an opening ceremony to anchor into the depths of our womb space for deep rest and renewal. Surrendering open to the spacious holding power of Divine Mother Gaia Sophia.

🌹  The Man God Temple guardians who tend the land at Hale Ohana Sanctuary will be meeting us in the container to circle up and have the woman witness them state their intentions for holding space on the sacred land for us as we dive deep into the Divine Feminine Erotic Mysteries.

🌹  Opening to receive the healing power of Grandmama Kauai, the land and the ancestors calling your soul home into remembrance of who she is and what she is here for.

🌹  Calling in all the allies and aligning our intentions for our alchemical transformational journey.

🌹  Dropping into the soul of shakti as a sisterhood beginning the priestess shedding process with the blade of truth, allowing our wombs to speak and the witnessing of our wounds both personal and collective to be offered to the container through the regal releasing ceremony.

🌹  Creating space for the most authentic self to be unveiled through the offering of ourselves in our raw, bare and naked soul to be stripped of the illusion of Maya, the outside world.

Photography by Chanel Baran in ceremony with Shone Keeli Jones

Day Two - Womb Awakening with Divine Mother Sophia - Isis

🌹  We will spend this day focusing on awakening the creative potentials of our sacred womb space. Our Day will be a blend of sacred movement practices & womb massage to support you to soften the body with sensual movement practices we will begin to dissolve the armour that has veiled our pure soul essence.

🌹  Releasing the chords of attachment to external distractions that have kept us from embodying our true power, we will reclaim our sovereign womb space to nurture the dream seeds of our higher destiny and callings of our souls.

🌹  We will deepen our initiation as the priestess of Divine Mother Sophia as we open to receive the transmissions of Isis in our wombs.

🌹  The Grail Gates Womb Massage  🌹

🌹  Unraveling the Womb Matrix through mystic womb wisdom drawn from ancient womb religions and practices spanning thousands of years including Mayan and Egyptian Tantric traditions. Combining our co-created vortex of womb healing energy and our pure intentions to realign and balance our hormones.

🌹  The Womb is the birthplace of all creation and once spiralling in all its creative glory can give birth to the life of all forms, this energy is key to not just giving birth to a healthy child but projects, ideas and sacred union with and without.

🌹  These techniques will deeply address and support the removal of energetic imprints from a miscarriage, abortion, trauma, sexual abuse, and past lovers. Increasing fertility, energy thus allowing you to remember the Wisdom and Power of you Womb fully.

🌹  We will be learning simple self-massage techniques and practicing the techniques and sequences on a sister too!

🌹  Unlocking the crimson codes through the menstrual mystic rose, an opening introduction on how to receive your womb’s monthly moon oracle wisdom, and how loving yourself deeper through your moon time flow can activate the shakti mysterious of Lunar.

Photography by Chanel Baran in ceremony with Shona Keeli Jones

Day Three - Embodying the Fierce Feminine

🌹  We will spend this day in devotional practice to embody the Dark Mother in her loving form as Kali Ma, Sekhmet to support the liberation of our Kundalini Shakti power.

🌹  We will move to unwind and dissolve the energetic contractions, karmic knots that contain your heartache, rage, fear or shame and dance to liberate the power that has been hiding in the shadows of your body-mind psyche.

🌹  Continuing to surrender to the Divine Mothers holding the power of love, you will learn how to hold yourself with deep compassion and deepen your relationship with your good inner mother to hold you through whatever you are meeting through engaging in these deep shamanic shakti purification practices.

🌹  Shakti Milking Practice  🌹

🌹  Shakti Milking is an ancient women’s practice to activate the mysterious Serpent power that is sleeping in the womb, it is a mystical and psychic location, but it can be directly accessed through tensing and releasing the muscles of the vaginal wall in a rhythmic sequence, and using specific breathing patterns to increase the psychic and energetic effects.

🌹  We will be using Obsidian as our crystal ally in this practice, perfect for clearing past lovers from womb and also helps with grounding the root chakra, controlling or eliminating excess or unwanted energies. Yoni Crystals are crystals for women’s womb healing, yoni healing, sacred sexuality and orgasmic pleasure

🌹  Black Obsidian Wands Optional (pre – order required) You can also do this practice with your own fingers and or breath and visualisation only.

🌹  Yoni Empress Initiation Steaming and Exquisite Yoni Self-Care  🌹

🌹  Yoni Steaming is an ancient, sacred ritual to support womb wellness, fertility, sexual vitality, emotional and hormonal balance.

🌹  We will spend the evening doing vaginal steam baths energize, arriving back on the throne of our inner Yoni Empress.

🌹  Exalting your Sacred Womb Space with warm bewitching herbal vapors; specific herbs are used for different healing benefits.Your unique combination of herbs selected just for you will work to nourish, tone, heal, bring in freshly oxygenated blood to the pelvic bowl, & promote cleansing.

🌹  Allow the elemental womb alchemy of water and fire to make love in the divine union in your womb while we sing medicine songs as a fully illuminated tribe of women.

🌹  We will then offer the herbs and water back the earth, along with burying our obsidian yoni wands in the earth for transformation and transmutation.

🌹  Our sacred Mother Earth, Sophia Gaia is the Queen of compost, and whatever we choose to offer her she will transform it into love and light for the whole collective. Weaving a collective cosmic prayer for the global sisterhood cramp we are currently healing together.

🌹  Womb to Tomb Sister, We are in this together!  🌹

You can pre-order your Obsidian Yoni Wand and we will have it awaiting your arrival at the Sisterhood of the Rose Retreat. There is limited stock available, so please order ahead so we can have one aside for you. This practice can be done without a yoni wand but we highly recommend using a yoni wand.

Photography by Chanel Baran in ceremony with Shone Keeli Jones

Day Four - Heart Radiance - Mother Mary - The Way of the Rose

🌹  This day we will commune with our sacred hearts and receive the transmission from the Mother Mary and the Sisterhood of the Rose to activate the rose within our hearts and return to our pure hearts innocence.

🌹  We will spend this day’s practice softening our sacred hearts and surrendering into the arms of the Divine Mother Gaia Sophia.

🌹  Inviting you to surrender your heart open to heal and feel the wounds of love, the deep archetypal wounds of betrayal, abandonment, and mistrust that keep the masculine and feminine separate.

🌹  We will practice the art of listening to the guidance of our hearts voice to receive sacred inner council and engage in practices to deepen your important relationship with your inner mother so crucial for these times of accelerated transformation.

🌹  Sensual Play – Endocrine Alchemy  🌹

🌹  We will be moving into a full body honouring of our endocrine alchemy by exploring the depths of our bodies capacity to feel pleasure. Sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, eye gazing, singing, oils, decadent treats, and beginning to feel the opening of feminine rebirth bodywork birthing through our beings.

🌹  The Rites of the Womb will also be given to every woman one by one, a sacred lineage of womb healing passed down one by one to woman!

Photography by Chanel Baran in ceremony with Shone Keeli Jones

Day Five - Embodying Erotic Divinity - Mary Magdalene

🌹  Today we will journey to embody the ecstatic erotic archetype of the tantric priestess and open to receive a transmission from Magdalene and The Rose Lineage.

🌹  Engaging in dance movement and sacred sexual alchemy practices we will explore embodying our erotic divinity. We will gather in sacred ceremony to clear sexual shame and trauma.

🌹  We will journey through the seven gates as sacred to the sexual priestess of Isis and open to receive a merging with Divine as our Beloved.  To complete with a sacred inner marriage ceremony.

🌹  Luxurious Royal Yoni Empress Initiation  🌹
(Sacred Spot Yoni Massage, Deamouring, Trigger Point Yoni Release) 

🌹  Yoni is Sanskrit for Vagina and translates into Sacred holy temple or gateway. I believe it should always be treated this way, honored and adored as the chamber and holy chalice of the Gods/Goddesses within, the cosmic portal of Life.

🌹  In our society that we live in this day and age, we have not been taught to honor our sacred space nor have we learned to speak up when we are not being honored.

🌹  The Yoni stores energetic imprints from the past and can be cleared by the ancient tantric rituals we will be doing in trinity groups, remembering the feminine facets of your body temple is your birthright through sacred sisterhood touch.

🌹  Welcoming home your vibrant orgasmic self to awaken within you, as we activate full remembrance of the priestess temple days ,to fully receive what it means to be a woman and be in your pleasure and beauty!

Photography by Chanel Baran in ceremony with Shone Keeli Jones

Day Six - Sealing and Completion Ceremony

🌹  In our final morning, we will dedicate to sharing some simple daily practices for you to integrate into your life and complete with a “Sealing and Completion Ceremony.”

🌹  We will offer you online support for you to engage in specific practices for you to maintain the vibrational shifts and higher consciousness states you have attained throughout the retreat as you up level to a new normal.

Photography by Chanel Baran in ceremony with Shone Keeli Jones

:: Gratitude From Women ::


Adrienne Roumasset – USA

‘Since I’ve worked with Leyolah my world has transformed, a change that is palpable and that my friends are amazed by. The practices she teaches are so potent, I have cleared grief, shame, pain, rejection consciousness – have connected deeply to a constant source of support and love in the Divine Mother, and feel in my daily life uplifted, blissful, sensual and deeply in my body. I have re-connected to my womb and my regular periods have returned. Words don’t do it justice – I truly feel Leyolah is on this Earth to bring women into their true power.’


Azriela Ferro – Australia

‘Shona’s Womb Illumination session was the first sacred yoni massage + healing I had ever received from another woman. It felt like something I should have received as a rite of passage at age16. Receiving this sacred healing touch and was in tears most of the time…in a beautiful state of release. It was healing, beautiful, gentle and powerful. Shona is offering very empowering work and I do recommend it to any woman wanting to feel more in touch with their femininity, sexual creative power and with their own body temple.’


Johnine Barlow – Australia

‘Leyolah has shown me the way to understand my own sexual power within as pure, magnetic and a creative life force that can purify and transcend what we carry as a collective consciousness of fear, shame, pain, suppression and wounding liberating into freedom. Her work is presented with deep and inner connection, the moment teachings and transmissions can be felt through time and space. My life has transformed in so many ways, more enriched and there is no doubt as go forth as an Authentic Leader as she is.’


Jessica Carey – Australia

‘My womb illumination with Shona was a graceful, sacred & liberating rebirthing of the stuck, stagnant energies held in the deepest parts of my womb. The suppressed passion, creativity & sensuality released as I felt the divine energies flowing freely through my womb space to ignite the embodiment of a feminine goddess. Magical feelings of connection to my yoni & the deepest parts of my intuition made me feel the purest of love within my body, my feminine essence & my heart space… igniting the depths of my power, healing & divine grace.’

:: About Your Facilitators ::

Leyolah Antara

'I am on a mission to inspire women to be fearless creators of their sacred work. I have found that the best way to re connect a woman back to her power and her passion is to lead her to the fountain of her sacred source of pleasure. To resurrect the creative power of Shakti within her womb, to teach her how to turn on her inner light and in that spark the her inner genius. It is my greatest joy to support a women to shine brighter to unleash her from whatever is dimming down her light, keep her small, shut down and lead her to her source of power, where she can connect to her authentic voice, her deeper desires and create a life that she was born to live. I am a long term teacher of embodied sacred feminine practice, an author, priestess of the Isis lineage, creator of Kundalini Dance. I am a keeper of the Temple of Isis a mystery school, dedicated to the empowerment of the sacred feminine. Receiving teachings from the Isis lineage is a journey back into your sensuality, to embody your deep feminine soul. I have found after 30 years of working with women to reclaim their sensuality and activate their Kundalini Shakti, ( creative life force energy) that this is a direct path of soul level remembrance, transformation and empowerment. I look forward to guiding you to the source of your true feminine power and remember the sacred callings of your soul. That you may live the life of your unique soul design.  

Shona Keeli Jones

Shona is a Yoni Empress and Womb Whisperer. Creatrix of Womb Illumination. Shona is a light bearer and energetic midwife to the wave of Feminine Consciousness that is bringing balance back to our planet. By working with and diving deeper into the magic and mysteries of the womb and the rose lineage for healing, creation, and love, she supports women on the journey of remembering the sacredness of their feminine vortex. Holding an impeccable space for healing, self-care, and revelation, she assists the rebirthing of women ready to become a natural authority of their body wisdom to access their fullest, creative and magnetic potential. Her wisdom is drawn from ancient womb religions and practices spanning thousands of years including Mayan and Tantric traditions. She is present in this time of awakening, to support the unfoldment of the divine feminine expression and exploration of our inner power through our womb center – the birthplace of all creation and the most pristine untapped energy available to a woman. She empowers women to remember how to practice and embody supreme self-love, stewarding open the temple doors for a magical manifestation of a truly radiant, rich, yummy, and juicy life. Shona is here to support all woman to awaken to the throne of their own inner Queendom. Shona is from Australia, offering healing sessions, retreats internationally, based on the island of Kauai, Hawaii where she lives a life of wonder with her magical son Isvara Jasper Skye.

Womb Clearing & Illumination Sessions

Shona will be offering additional private Womb Clearing and Illumination sessions during our time together. You can book a private session with her during the retreat. More information about these sessions will be coming soon in your welcome email or you can visit Shona’s website to have a look. These sessions are not included in the price of the retreat.


Pricing and Payment

There are multiple room options and prices are dependant on room choice.

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