womb blessing

Shamanic Womb Ceremony – Melbourne

Dark Moon – Sunday May 17th

7pm – 10 pm

Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne

Level 1, 110 Argyle Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065

Three years ago, I had a womb awakening, even though I had been practicing Kundalini Dance and had been exploring Tantra for over 20 years, the womb was new territory.

Now I have become a womb centred woman, my womb glows with heat when I am connected to my creativity. My womb has become my baramoter to my intuition and is a trusted guide.

As I begin this new teaching cycle in Melbourne, on this auspicious dark moon eve, I am called to offer a guided journey into the deep feminine mysteries that reside in our wombs, so that we may begin our dance journey anchored in a deep devotional connection to the Divine Mother.

This ceremony is open to men and woman who want to deepen their connection to the Divine Feminine – Kundalini Shakti source of ecstatic bliss fire within them.


Ley archetype WITH watermark (30 of 50)

We will explore:

* Sacred feminine embodiment practices that will awaken this evolutionary ecstatic bliss fire within your womb, that supports breakthrough and transformation of anything that is holding us back from living the life we were destined to live.

* How to enter your own womb to access your innate capacities for self-healing and soul-level fulfillment in everyday life.

* Learn to tap into the wisdom of your soul and and your destiny codes through honouring your deepest needs and desires.

*Open the gateways to the inherent connection between your womb, the womb of Mother Earth, and the cosmic womb of Creation to experience yourself at one with Divine Mother consciousness.

This session will involve dance, meditation, movement and stillness, darkness and light.

Please join me.

This event is a GIFT from me to you. Meaning I will not charge for the event. However I will receive donations, to pay for the costs. I was given my womb initiation for free, so I feel to pass it on in that way, this time.

This event marks the beginning of me offering Kundalini Dance events at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre in Fitzroy in Melbourne. Every Sunday evening from 7 pm – 9 pm.

Kundalini Dance is a shamanic white tantra practice. Meaning we self cultivate erotic energy for transformation and divine union with our clothes on. the shamanic art means we get into our bodies, dance and release through movement, breath and sound when we feel to.

Look fwd to sharing the womb ceremony to begin.

The Womb In Woman

In many ancient and enduring sacred feminine traditions, women have known that the womb holds the power of creation; the power to give birth as well as the power to birth our creative projects, and our life’s work. Within the womb of woman lies the seed of her creative fire, the luminous evolutionary fire that can transform and awaken consciousness.

Resting deep within the woman’s womb rests the creative seed, the jewels, whereby our greatest gifts, the codes of our divine design, lay in gestation, awaiting our awakening and expression.

Ultimately deeply connecting to your womb leads you to the womb of the Divine Mother, from whose womb all life is created.

We can self- cultivate the holy fire of our womb and awaken the transformative and healing energy of our deep feminine essence with our prayer, breath and movement.

The Hara in Men

Men have access to the ecstatic bliss fire of Shakti too, and as women can cultivate the inner sacred fire of transformation and creativity through focusing on our wombs, so too can men awaken their sacred fire through cultivating the energy in their hara. The same practices that we follow to activate our wombs as women can be applied by men who focus on their haras.

The hara is in the lower belly, about three fingers below the navel. It is our core, the dan tien centre that is the focus of all martial arts practice. This is the centre where we build and generate energy and the place we source energy from. It is also the place we return to complete and store energy, the vital energies we generate through our practice.