Priestess Training

A Nine Moon Online Programme to…

Gain Confidence to Offer Your Sacred Gifts and Shine
in your Sacred Feminine Leadership

Join Leyolah Antara as your Guide & Mentor

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You are Invited to a Nine Moon Priestess Training Programme to Remember and Empower your Sacred Gifts. Master the Art of Sacred Inner Union and Tantric Alchemy to Confidently Facilitate Temples of Transformation and Spiritual Activation.

Join either for a full nine moon training, or for individual moon cycles with different archetypal Goddesses

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Temples of the Goddess

I have a vision of priestess’s all over the globe offering sacred temple gatherings, where they invite women and men to connect to the divinity within.

These Temples are devoted to the Goddess, and are places of initiation and celebration. Places of spiritual awakening and soul level healing.

These Temples are places where we gather to reveal the beauty of who we truly are, a place to ecstatically embody sacred inner union, and to anchore so much LOVE and healing light into the earth that is creates a ripple of love that heals our souls, our planet and every living thing that dwells upon it. Connected as a web of light. United we rise.

autumn skye1

This Offering is for You,
Dearest Woman…

If you know that now is the time to step into your own skin and be seen.

This programme has been created for all women who
Dare to give voice
to what is inside of her,
who feel called to shake things up
and make a difference.
Leyolah Antara MAGDALENE-horus-wings-and-sisterhood-of-the-rose-flower

It is for all women who have been burnt by shame… in this life or any life.

This programme is dedicated to she who stamps and says NO, ENOUGH!
I will no longer
stand in my own way and
resist the call of my soul!

It is for women who are ready to let the truth move from the undercurrents of her inner knowing and spill out of her mouth.

Your Sacred Work

wisdom-of-the-agesAre You Ready to Become a Fearless Creator of Your Sacred Work?

Are you a women who feels called to spiritually activate others and embody the path of your soul design?

Would you like to learn how to offer sacred temple spaces and dive deeper into the priestess arts?

Would you like some clear structure and practical maps, to assure you facilitate sacred containers that take people through a full circle transformational healing process that they can integrate?

I am dedicating this years Priestess Training to helping women gain the sacred skills needed to lead transformational temples of the Goddess.

Come and be held in a transformational container to support you to transform whatever holds you back from stepping into your sacred feminine leadership.


Are you ready to Rise?

‘I am on a mission to inspire women to be fearless creators of their sacred work. I have found that the best way to re connect a woman back to her power and her passion is to lead her to the fountain of her  sacred source of pleasure. To resurrect the power of the Divine Feminine within her. Turn on your inner light and spark the genius at your core.”

– Leyolah Antara

unmasked-annotatesYou know you have a gift, a unique contribution to make, yet you procrastinate, you withhold your juice. Perhaps you may sense that it is an irrational fear that holds you back. Perhaps you feel you don’t have enough skills, or need to finish the next course, or get the degree or get the permission from somebody else to teach their work, endlessly seeking an external authority to tell us that we are ready.

Maybe you have been on profound, physical or, emotional healing journey, or on a parenting journey and in that journey you have gained skills and wisdom and you feel you could help others.

Yet still, you have been holding back, not giving your gifts, making excuses, not enough time, not enough money, not feeling ready, need to keep doing more courses, or perhaps you are just really good at distracting yourself, keeping yourself busy with everything else except the thing that really matters to your soul.

The truth is we are never perfect, we are never ready until one day we just have to take that leap into the void and do it! Become our own sovereign queen and claim our inner authority and trust our inner knowing.


Herstory not History - The Fall and The Rise

mourning-due-annotatedTo understand why we are sometimes so irrationally overcome with fear and creatively stifled, we need to understand the ancient history (herstory) as the past affects our collective consciousness so deeply that it has been debilitating our capacity to truly embody our power, to come out of hiding to be seen and truly shine and simply be ourselves.

The patriarchal condemnation of Goddess worship, and deep feminine wisdom and spirituality pushed her priestesses – her vessels and voices –  into hiding, for it was not safe to be seen a representative of the Goddess Mother, it was not safe to shine.

For generations, women who shone with the radiance of Shakti’s spark in their eyes were trained by their mothers to shut it down and hide. The inquisition, the witch hunts, the torture, the burnings – the cultural message came through loud and clear: if you embodied the Goddess and any of her ways, you died… So we learnt to dim our lights, hush our voices put on our invisibility cloaks and conceal ourselves…

healing-annotatedEver since that time period, humanity has gone into its darkest hour… turning our back on the Mother’s care and guidance led to a devolution and it is now clear that humanity has lost its way. We have been creating without the Divine Mother for over five thousand years and it has led us on the path of planetary destruction; we are now faced with conditions that are threatening the very survival of our species along with all ourselves and other creatures on Earth. It has become quite obvious that our society is “coming apart at the seams,” yet so many of us are still in denial.

A radical shift is necessary to bring the human race back on track and into a state of grace. A huge part of that is women coming back to their power and shamelessly connecting to the sacred gifts that lay inside of their wombs and offering their gifts back out into the fabric of society. No gift is too small.

The very act of a woman expressing from her creative soul and offering those inspirations out into the field of life, is what will bring humanity and the planet back into balance.

It is time to come out of the closet, Priestess’!



Feminine Power is our hope!

Women giving their gifts is a significant key in the planet coming back into balance!

westward-dreaming-autum-skye-copyIn this potent time, as the priestesses empower themselves to rise back into visibility, we feel a surge of power in our beings that is calling us to bring the sacred back into life. The times we now live in are full of hope and possibility, an invitation to enter into the stream of creation and allow our wildest dreams to be birthed and lived through us.

Now is the time to turn our LIGHT BACK ON and live unashamedly, bold and magnificently TRUE to ourselves.

Our hearts are the key to birthing the new paradigm.  Freely creating through our hearts and offering it back to life, is the key to shifting humanity back towards love.

As you tap into the creative stream of life you feel the freedom to express it all – unhindered, freely showing your deepest self to the world.

As you allow the creative life force to flow through you , you embody a self love so deep that you have an unwavering knowing of the value of your gifts.

You know your contribution is worthy and valid. This knowing comes from a place of humility and grace, and holds a generosity of spirit that knows that by giving your gift freely you are serving the greater good of the whole.

You know that it is time allow your creative dream seeds to be nurtured. A flower doesn’t need to try to be anything but itself, it simply is – luminous, fully expressed, entirely unique and divinely offering itself to the world.

We meet in a shared dedication to evolutionary sisterhood to calling each other out to rise. To holding ourselves when we fall, to coming out of competition and struggle, to returning to the grace of the Divine Mother’s arms.Delicate and strong, vulnerable and real. Being yourself is the most natural thing in the world, all you need the right environment to flourish and bloom.

‘The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them…

Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?”

Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic


Evolutionary Sisterhood

Together We Rise

Alone we are powerful together we are unstoppable.

Throughout time, the sisterhood has gone through many different phases. There have been times when we have been united, times when we have been divided and times when we have sought to protect each other by collectively remaining small.

We are at the birth of a new evolutionary sisterhood. A sisterhood that recognises that together we are stronger, that together we rise. That alone we are powerful yet together we are unstoppable.

As an evolutionary sisterhood, of empowered priestesses it is time to…

Claim our self authority

Claim your sacred purpose and soul promise

Claim our power

Claim our voice

Claim our value

Claim that we are worthy and that your voice has value and that it is all necessary and a part of the whole…

Support each other to thrive

In this 9 MOON CYCLE we will hold a crucible of the sacred sisterhood and this will include gathering on teleconference calls, gathering for the sisterhood sharing circles and sharing through a dedicated Facebook group. All of these are based in the principles of evolutionary sisterhood calling each other out to rise, moving out of the old patterns of competition and struggle, to meeting in a field of mutual care and support.

Please know that it is ok to take up space – it is actually necessary that you take your place- the world needs you to take your place!

Sister, are you called to take your place in the circle of priestesses?

Priestess Training

How does it work?




What the women are saying about

♡ Leyolah Antara ♡

‘For the rest of my life, I will see my womanhood as two distinct phases – before and after Leyolah and her deeply transformative courses graced my existence. Like many women, I was overworked and under – blissed. Before, I was part of what I feel is an epidemic with modern women – we try to do everything, working full time while trying to please everyone but ourselves.

I’ve tried other “self-help” stuff, all promises and never any true change. Since I’ve worked with Leyolah my world has nothing short of transformed, a change that is palpable and that my friends are amazed by. The practices she teaches are so potent, I have cleared grief, shame, pain, rejection consciousness – have connected deeply to a constant source of support and love in the Divine Mother, and feel in my daily life uplifted, blissful, sensual and deeply in my body. I have re-connected to my womb and my regular periods have returned. Words don’t do it justice – I truly feel Leyolah is on this Earth to bring women into their true power. What a gift to be part of this global sisterhood, to have moved from surviving, longing for someone or something to save me, to thriving, to feeling this evolution of consciousness, to rising and cultivating the Divine Feminine in myself and in the collective.’

– Adrienne Roumasset, Washington State, USA

“In this time of our great need, on suffering Planet Earth, the feminine aspect of God is rising again. She is calling like the Bride in the Song of Solomon, wooing us to return to love, to the the beautiful verdure of the Garden. Leyolah is one of the voices for this awakening and healing. After such a long long era of repression and danger for the Feminine (in the psyche, in the body, in the land) we are having to gather back the primordial wisdom of Shakti from a thousand sources – the earth herself, cellular memory, instinctual knowledge, dreams, the lines between the lines of the enduring spiritual texts. My deep respect to Leyolah and others who are doing this work. She is a teacher and practitioner with great integrity, commitment and longing for wholeness in our world. Thank you, Beautiful One.”

– Elisabeth Bromley, Melbourne.

“Leyolah’s course is nothing short of soul alchemy. Her lovingly guided journey took me deep into the shame that had blocked me from fully opening to my body. Through a supportive group, I voiced and cleared my shame, the only thing that was truly blocking me from being here and accepting my birthright of wholeness. As the course progressed and I danced as a channel of shakti, I felt my soul enter more into being here. I felt that I could completely own my truth and my purpose. I emerge from the course at one with myself and open in a completely new way to living as a whole, loving, powerful, ecstatic, divine female. This course is one of the greatest gifts I have received in this lifetime and I am grateful.”

– Ruth Cumberland – Ubud

“I was as in Leyolah’s very first training session ten years ago. The changes that has made to my life as I cleared my body and dealt with my limitations set me on a course to birth my own wisdom and path. Profound work she teaches and I still use the techniques and breath work with my groups and on myself all these years later.”

– Kerri Ryan MA, Goddess of Sacred Sex

‘Joining Leyolah’s course was my last attempt of healing my feminine rage and brokenness. Each course immersed me deeper into the waters of Sacred Mysteries. Leyolah’s words bypassed my mind’s consciousness and entered a deep knowing within me that I had forgotten.  Her wisdom sparked a homecoming of my soul.  Leyolah’s soothing voice lulled me into a journey of discovering the lost parts of myself. With each lesson, I released repressed fear, grief, shame, and the denial of my own feminine presence.  My womb ached as my body intuitively discharged the emotional pain. I now experience full, juicy orgasms since completing Leyolah’s course. She gave my womb a voice, my heart a hug, and my body the power to express truth.  Leyolah’s knowledge is much needed as our planet ascends to higher vibration. Thank you Leyolah for offering your gift to the world.’

– Shannon, USA

Leyolah’s trainings and reservoir of knowingness is a masterpiece in constant movement. I have been participating in Leyolah’s Kundalini Courses since 2015, as a Teacher myself and experienced in understanding Kundalini for 20 years I am particular with whom I choose to train with.

I consider Leyolah a forerunner imparting knowledge and love by being a catalyst in our awakenings to feel deeper Divine Love again within, how? – the teachings go back to foundations in transforming sexual energy as an evolutionary healing life force and linking it to Higher Divine Consciousness bringing Inner Union of Love. Leyolah has shown me the way to understand my own sexual power within as pure, magnetic and a creative life force that can purify and transcend what we carry as a collective consciousness of fear, shame, pain, suppression and wounding liberating into freedom.

Leyolah’s work is presented and articulated with deep and direct inner connection to her current of power, her in the moment teachings and transmissions can be felt through time and space. I’m so ecstatic that I have stumbled across Leyolah – A Guide and Mentor sharing wisdom into the nature of our beingness. My life has transformed in so many ways, more enriched and there is no doubt as go forth as an Authentic Leader as she is.

Johnine Barlow –  W. A

Facilitator - Leyolah Antara

ley-bioI have spent the last 27 years facilitating transformation and ecstatic spiritual awakening. I have created a body of work that has changed thousands of lives and I know what it takes to create offerings and journeys that benefit people from all walks of life. I have spent the last decade training women and men to facilitate my body of work Kundalini Dance. What started out as facilitator trainings became priestesses initiations. It has been a profound journey of growth for me both personally and professionally as I was required to deeply understand the intricate process of transformation in order to teach my students how to map full circle, alchemical transformational journeys for their clients and students.

Over the past year, The Divine Mother has been guiding me to help women to find their own unique soul offerings. It feels so important right now that we honour our soul callings and contribute back to life from our authentic soul. I believe without a doubt this is what will change the world. I have been empowering women to awaken their sexuality through online courses and live workshops and retreats and in the process, I have been witnessing how as each woman unleashes and heals her sexuality so to does she awaken her creativity.

This year I have created three new online courses that have been really successful and life changing. The Priestess Training has been born from a response to the many women who have asked if I would mentor them this year. I feel to have more one on one time with women to support those who feel moved to work with Shakti and create offerings that emerge from her vast field of intelligence.

So if you have a body of work, or a creative project a website that is longing to birth or refine, bring it into the crucible and let us refine it together. I am here to offer you all my support to help you polish that diamond, to uncover your unique genius, and  grow a conscious transformational business that is based in soulful values of integrity, authenticity and LOVE.