Welcome to the Priestess Training Payment Options

Your 9 month self led online programme to support Evolutionary Priestess’ to RISE.

We have created four different pricing structures to suit different levels of engagement and support.

As with everything in life, the energy and love that you put into an endeavour, is directly proportional to the reward and value that you get out of it. As modern day priestesses, we each have differing energy when it come to time, space, capacity and commitment. We have created these different pricing and participation structures to meet these multifaceted needs, so that the Priestess’ that are being called to share their unique offerings with the world, can rise!

The places on this course are limited and registrations will end once the places fill.

Pricing Structures

Crystal Priestess

Full Price $1100

(Or 9 x monthly instalments of $125)

Silver Priestess

Full Price $2200

(Or 9 x monthly instalments of $244)

Golden Priestess

Full Price $4400

(Or 9 x monthly instalments of $488)

Quantum Priestess

Full Price $6600

(Or 9 x monthly instalments of $733)


Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have participated in the course content and are not happy after 30 days, we will refund your money without question

Please note all the prices are in US$



Loyalty Love

Many of you have been journeying with Leyolah for a long time. As gesture of gratitude for your support and ongoing love and dedication to your this work and own journeys, we would like to offer 21 women 20% off the total price of the Priestess Training.

This is a Loyalty Love Discount

Loyalty Love