Embodying Erotic Divinity

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This is your portal to the journey we are about to embark on. Through this page, you can access each weeks resources – including videos, audio recordings and pdf files.

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Visionary art by Amanda Sage

Visionary art by Amanda Sage

Welcome to Embodying Erotic Divinity

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Weekly calls etc
During this 6 Week Sacred Sexuality Immersion we will meet once a week for an 1.5 hours on a tele conference call where I will give teachings on the main Divine Feminine Archetype for the week and share tantric embodiment practices, there will also be time for discussion and questions.
Weekly Course Media
Each week you will be sent links to a video to support you to embody your erotic divinity and open the ecstatic tantric energy pathways, as well as clear old emotional blocks that have been impeding the vital flow of your ecstatic erotic life force.
Each week you will also be sent an mp3 meditation recording, some will be guided sexual self- healing practices and some will be more like guided tantric sexual practices. Each session will build on the other, starting with healing and then going to into more ecstatic orgasmic pleasure based practices.
Texts and Inspirations
You will receive emails with writings to inspire your sacred sexual exploration, deepen your knowledge of the sexual alchemical arts and keep you inspired and on track to embody your erotic divinity.
Facebook Group
I have created a dedicated face book group for this course and only for the woman who have joined.
Please join this group. This is for us to share what is deep and true for us and be witnessed in our sacred erotic emergence.  Both in our shadow and our light. We can not transform alone. So let is build a community of sexually empowered, radiant woman!
Please go on and introduce yourself and what it is that is calling you to this work, where you are at with your sexuality and relationships and what you would like to break through.

Six Week Course Links

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