Riding the Wood Horse


Visionary art by Alex Grey

Visionary art by Alex Grey

Happy Lunar New Year!

What an amazing time we are living in! We are just about at the end of the year of the water – snake and about to launch into the lunar new year, the year of the wood – horse in a couple of days and I am so feeling the new energy that is coming through, it is time, the sacred feminine is rising!  No more holding back,  or hiding, time to shine and let our gifts be seen! Time to stop being perfect and just be. Let whatever wants to be expressed inside you free. Time to return to innocence and just let your authentic expression flow.

I feel super inspired to be making the KD work more accessible, I am now offering the gifts,  that have been only really available for my inner circle or those who came to retreats out into the wider collective field. AHO!  It feels like a glass ceiling that was holding many woman back, from stepping up and stepping out has been lifted.It brings so much ecstatic joy to feel that in my heart.

I see so many woman around me on fire right now, and are beginning to hatch the golden eggs of their creative soul. It is time to conquer the demons that have been holding us back, our self- doubt, our fear of being seen, our judgement, our need to have arrived at some idea of spiritual perfection and just do it! We want you and we need you on the team of priestess warrior spiritual activists in service to the awakening of humanity.

Every time one of us breaks through we serve the collective, and I am so grateful for everyone who has done so much work, in feeling the terror of past traumas and abuses, and I have had the honour to witness and hold space for many of you, including myself. In am in awe of your beauty and power, deep bows of respect.  After such a dark era of feminine suppression, there has been so much fear for woman to really come out as a woman of power, who is in touch with her deep wisdom, her sexuality and her intuition. Enough! STOP! It is our time to come out and I am so here to support anyone who wants to unlock their feminine power, free up their shakti and nurture the gifts of their soul purpose.