Awakening Authenticity – throat chakra alchemy

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 8.26.19 PMAs we ecstatically awaken our throat chakra, we open up to new possibilities for expressing our life’s mission, our soul’s purpose. We embrace our unique personal gifts and have the boldness to take risks to offer our unique creative expression to the world. We move into a higher octave inside our communication skills, we are gifted the courage to speak our truth. We become more honest and more transparent as we learn to express of our true feelings in ways that are authentic, vulnerable and real.

 As we breathe and raise the liquid light of Kundalini Shakti up into our throat chakra, she will help us cleanse the energetic sludge that has been damming our creative flow. She will show us all the ways that we still hide behind the silence and hold back our authentic expression for fear of being criticized or judged. Shakti will purify our self–doubt, our low self-esteem and all the ways we don’t feel worthy of the life that we dream.

 When we have sounded and discharged and purified our emotional body, we lift our vibration and align with the golden light of creation. He fills our throat chakra up with light, restoring our damaged self-esteem and inspiring us to accept ourselves as we are and let ourselves be seen. Our jaws begin to soften, our shoulders drop and relax and the stiffness gently melts. Our emotional pain body, our companion for lifetimes, begins to glow and we once again trust that it is safe for us to speak and allow our deep feminine wisdom voice to be heard.

 As we receive the divine love from above and below, after we have purified and let go, we can experience an ecstatic orgasm in our throat chakra. Shiva and Shakti merging in the throat opens new possibilities for creative expression. We reclaim our authenticity and we become more ourselves, more self-accepting and confident of expressing our truth and our inner authority. We give ourselves permission to express our full luminous, radiant being in her full feminine power, aligned in truth, eloquent, articulate and we accept ourselves as we are.

 Leyolah Antara.  An excerpt from the book: Kundalini Dance: Sacred Alchemical Evolutionary Keys. Avail through this website as an ebook in Shakti Shop.