Weekend Workshops

Leyolah Antara, the founder of Kundalini Dance offers weekend workshops and one – day events in different cities around Australia and often travels internationally when she is invited. She offers four different weekend workshops. Leyolah holds space for you to explore your shadow, feel deeply and shares the powerful transformational alchemy keys of Kundalini Dance, breath – work, movement, meditations and self – inquiry processes to guide you on a life changing weekend journey.

  • Awakening Shakti – Reclaiming your deep feminine power and wisdom.
  • Sex, God and Love – Making peace with the masculine and feminine, human and Divine.
  • Sacred Relationships – Transforming the wounds of love.
  • Embracing the Dark Goddess – Unleash your pure Shakti and awaken your sacred sexual essence

More Retreats or Workshops will be listed on https://leyolahantara.com