May 2nd – 10th 2020
Shamballa Oceanside Retreat, North Bali

As an experienced KD facilitator, I am inviting you to join with me in Sacred Council, for a week in Bali, to take the Kundalini Dance teachings to the next level – TOGETHER.

Kundalini Dance is ready for a Rebirth in 2020.

You are a keeper of one of the most powerful embodied awakening systems on the planet. We are in a most critical tipping point of humanities evolution and we need to upgrade the work to the current times, together.

Over the past seven years, I have deepened in my initiations with the Tantric Rose Mystery School teachings and I would like to pass them on to you – so that the new can keep coming through.

What I am seeing so far is a crystallisation of a new map, so that you can come out of the week ready to offer a new series or weekend workshop that carries the essence of the Feminine Christ vibration.

Topics To Be Touched On:

☥ Creating safety in tantric practices and intimacy

☥ Creating a safe container…consent culture…

☥ Calling ourselves Tantric Shamanic Practitioners

☥ Kundalini Dance becoming more trauma-informed

☥ Supporting strong Kundalini Activations.

☥ Working at festivals, energetic shields, and protection 

☥ Plant Medicine in KD Ceremonies – Blue Lotus, Cacao, Rose

☥ One day Dance Temple Maps

☥ Private Sessions Body Work

☥ Protection shields

☥ Contract releases

☥ How we open and close a space

☥ Listen to our intuition, womb heart oracle

☥ How do we get out of the way to allow the deeper healing intelligence of the divine other divine father to work through us

☥ Ancestors – working with ancestors

☥ Working with seasons, nature and cosmic cycles, moon wisdom


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