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Daily Chakra Breathing Practice

Dear Friend,

Taking the time for our daily practice is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves in our day. It gives me great joy to be able to offer this daily chakra breathing practice video for free to you.

When our mind is stilled through sacred practice, or moving our body in energizing ways, our vibration lifts, our consciousness shifts and we connect to our inner beauty, our essential nature. From this place of connection to our true nature, we place our attention on that which is most important to us, set goals for our day that align to what is important come into more clarity and align to our purpose.

Often we tell ourselves that we don’t have enough time, but what most of us know is that once we take that time, to exercise, to do yoga, to pray or meditate or be in nature, the whole quality of our day is improved, our relational exchanges improve, we are more inspired and actually we often get more quality work done is less time. 

I find that ecstatically resetting my chakras in the morning really makes a huge difference to my day. The chakra breathing practice, calms my mind, keeps my vibration high, increases my energy levels and gets my creative juices flowing, helping me to maintain positive thoughts and relate lovingly throughout my day.

Once you have done the practice at home several times and the chakra breathing sequence becomes natural to you. I recommend that you go outside and do the practice somewhere in nature and include it into your daily exercise regime. Start the practice by getting your body moving. I suggest walking, running or dancing somewhere in nature if you can either, on the beach, or in the forest or in a park. Then once your energy is moving stop, and open to receive the vital energies from the earth and sun and breathe them through your chakras.

In this video I have offered you the basic alchemical principles that inform the Kundalini Dance practice. You may experience that you need to spend longer, cultivating Shakti or clearing a specific chakra. Please listen to your body and follow your own body. Your body knows what it needs to do to open. If your intention is clear, and your longing to feel the fullness of divine love within you, you will have a profound journey with this practice.

Doing this practice will open the tantric pathways of your mind body system. Deepening your possibilities to experience ecstatic sex and full body orgasms, as well as awaken higher consciousness. It takes 21 days to open new energy pathways and anchor new templates of behaviour so I advise you to try doing the practice for 21 days sequentially. 

Have fun with it and remember to get out of the way and let the divine play.

May you experience divine union through opening to this practice, may it serve your soul to grow in love.

Leyolah Antara

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Daily Chakra Breathing Practice

The Chakras are centres of energy, located along the midline of the body, which allow Universal energy to flow in and out of our bodies. There are eight major chakras and they each govern different psychological qualities and bring nourishment and vital energy to specific endocrine glands and vital organs in the body.

Ideally all of our chakras work together, weaving our practical, sexual, heart centered, intuitive and creative natures. Helping to maintain health and balance physically and emotionally.

Stored emotion blocks the energy flow through the chakras, decreasing the amount of life force available to nourish its inter-connected organs and body parts. Through the stresses and emotional triggers of our daily lives our chakras get blocked and stagnated, lowering our vibration, affecting our thoughts giving us less vital energy and affecting our health. Rising your sexual energy up through your central channel and then out through the emotional body layer of the chakras, will support you to cleanse old emotional energy that may be stagnating your vital energy flow.

The Chakras – Our emotional energy centres

  • The root chakra governs our capacity to trust and feel supported, by the divine feminine principle of life.
  • The sacral chakra governs the seat of our sexual creative energy and it is one of the most important centers to cultivate for healing, personal transformation and rejuvenation.
  • The solar plexus is the centre of our personal power and governs our will as well as keeping our adrenals and stress levels balanced.
  • The heart chakra is the centre of love, compassion and relationships and regulates our respiratory system.
  • The thymus chakra stores our feelings and experiences of oneness and unity with Divine and regulates our immune system.
  • The throat chakra is the centre of our communication, creativity and self expression and governs our parathyroid and thyroid gland our throats and   the fluidity of the muscles inside our neck and shoulders.
  • The third eye is the centre of our intuition and higher mind, bringing life force to the intricate web of our pituitary and pineal glands.
  • The crown chakra links us through the spirit body to our light body and into universal god consciousness.

Kundalini Shakti – Ascending divine feminine energy
A daily practice of cultivating your Shakti Kundalini, with conscious intention, sacred movement and breath work will ignite the sacred fire in your womb or hara, giving you access to vast amounts of vital life energy.

Our sexual energy is converted to Kundalini Shakti when we long for union with the divine and are clear in our intention to transform and evolve our consciousness.

Kundalini Shakti is the great purifier, she is subtle liquid fire, the ultimate transformative force. She moves as waves of light that arise from the earth, ignites the seed spark of light in our womb or hara and begins her ascent through our central channel toward the crown chakra in the top of our heads, where Shakti, the Divine Feminine, unifies with the Divine Masculine principle, Shiva, God.

As you surrender to her fluid journey up through your energy system, she cleanses and purifies whatever emotions have been unexpressed or denied and are blocking our emotional energy centers, our chakras.  All the pain we have denied, the emotions we have suppressed, all the old wounds that we have buried deep in our subconscious, will arise to be felt and to be freed.

Opening to Her, requires us to become fluid and emotionally agile, to become feeling, deeply feeling.  Emotion is energy in motion and when you allow yourself to just feel whatever arises, without judgement, the emotion, moves, it passes, it flows.

Receiving Divine Love – Descending Divine Masculine Energy
When and if we are courageous and humble enough to feel and release those deep wounds and emotions that we hold onto so tight, we create the space for the divine love of the Divine Masculine principle, father God to enter our body, mind, heart and souls, this begins the alchemical process of transformation.

After the Divine Feminine earth energy has supported you to cleanse your chakras we open to receive divine light and divine love from Divine Masculine, Source. We do this by linking into the sun, and through the sun we link into the central sun, Divine Source of love. We breathe to receive the light of divine down through the back of each chakra then out through the front, lifting the vibration of each chakra and opening up new evolutionary pathways and opening to the highest possibilities for your life.

We experience the masculine aspect of Divine as a ray of descending light that penetrates our consciousness with divine love and divine truth.   We feel the divine masculine as liquid golden light, quieting our minds with pure consciousness and presence. The down flow feels like a golden healing balm for our souls, opening us up to new potentials as “He” flows.

Shiva and Shakti Unite – Ecstatic Alchemical Union
The Divine Feminine Shakti and the Divine Masculine, Shiva are one. Yet we experience them as different qualities of the same stream of life energy. We experience the feminine aspect of God through Shakti, through our bodies, she inspires us to feel, to express, to create, she rises upwards to merge with the divine masculine, Shiva, God. We experience the masculine aspect of God as a ray of descending light that penetrates our consciousness with divine love and divine truth. Their union is an ecstatic alchemical act of continuous creation. After “She’’ has purified, emptied and reignited us with our passion for life, “He” fills us with divine love and penetrates us with pure crystalline consciousness.

This is the ultimate benefit of the practice to have the ascending feminine and the descending masculine ecstatically merging as one through each chakra. This will open new evolutionary possibilities, and anchor new behavioural templates.

Breathing the flow of divine light down the back and out through the front of the chakra we follow the toroidal energy pathways. All of life in the universe flows on following the pattern of the tube torus. The magnetic field of the earth has a tube torus surrounding it as do our bodies actually the entire galaxy follows this pattern. When we link into that pattern and breath with it, it ecstatically lifts our vibration, putting us in synch with the universal currents of creation.  While we are moving and breathing in synch with the toroidal flows we are in synch with the creative field of life and we thrive.

Emotional Alchemy
If we have the courage to face our pain and step into the fire of transformation and feel what is real, we have the possibility to recalibrate whole new energy pathways that activate new thought patterns and new ways of being. Every time we choose to enter into our fear, or pain, without resistance, we bring more gold back into our bodies.

The golden light of divine is healing balm for our bodies and souls it softens the hard places that have been defended and cold. The gold melts away the old crystalized emotions that we held onto so tight. The golden light will flow through the cracks within our psyches, repairing our fragmented life, replenishing our atrophied muscles and meridians, lighting up new pathways that lead down the road to a life lead by love.

Every time we open into a contracted place in our bodies or choose to feel an emotion without defense, we create space for golden light to enter our bodies and slowly but surely our old companion, our emotional pain body, slowly begins to glow. From this sea of feeling we expand into the ocean of gold.

As we receive the golden light of the divine into our bodies and souls, we open into the field of pure possibility, and the inspiration of divine mind guides our thoughts. This is when we can truly co –create our greatest and best life with the divine as our ally and guide.

Leyolah Antara © 2014

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