Emotional Alchemy

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We are learning to be emotional alchemists, mastering the art of harnessing the power of our raw emotions and feeling them fully. Some are expansive and some are contractive. We must learn not to judge or resist our emotions. The contractive ones call us deep into the centre of our bodies and souls to feel, then they move and transform. In our vulnerability, we soften and become more open and receptive.

Often we judge different emotions as unpleasant and avoid completely feeling them. Unexpressed and unintegrated experiences carry strong mental and emotional energy, which can become locked in the body as tension, resistance and body armouring. This creates blocks in the physical body.

Withheld emotions act as life force inhibitors; they literally block vital energy from flowing into the organs, causing gradual deterioration and eventual disease. No matter how we try and understand our emotional and mental responses intellectually, it is evident that the emotions are stored within our bodies and in our energy fields. Therefore, it is in the body that they must be addressed.

Dance movement, sound and breath are powerful and effective ways of releasing and allowing old emotions to be expressed and moved through. Exploring authentic sound while we are moving is a way that we can release emotion out of the body. We can use your authentic inner sound to vibrate into the places in our body that hold the tension of supressed emotions. There is a fine line between emotional expression that is healing and that which collapses into the “poor me,” victim mentality, which only seems to lower our vibration and keep us looped in the same cycle. This practice invites us to explore the kind of emotional release that allows us to open, expand and empty out.

Emotional healing is like tunnelling through the various layers of emotion and false beliefs and identities, going deeper and deeper until we get to the core layer, which we call causal emotions. Causal emotions are the biggies, like abandonment, betrayal, separation, mistrust, terror—all the emotional memories of core life experiences that underpin our contracted behaviours. Allowing ourselves to feel those emotions will bring us to the deeper wounds of love that cloud access to our pure souls.

Emotional alchemy is the art of transmutation, transforming the denser darker emotions into golden light. The main requirement for alchemy to occur is the courage to feel emotions that have been withheld and the willingness to let them go. When Shakti rides our breath’s current, she supports us to feel, to break up and shake up the pain of the past. Our emotions sit in our physical body and also in our emotional body, which is about ten centimetres from our physical body in our aura. For those who are clairaudient and can see our energy fields, our stuck emotions look like thick grey rain clouds, hovering in our energy field. Kinaesthetically they feel heavy and dense and when we are juiced up and connecting to Shakti, we can move those emotions out through our emotional body, out through the spiritual body layers of our energy field.

Our spiritual body is at the farthest reaches of our fingertips, and the more light we allow into our energy field, the bigger it gets. Spiritually activated people have very big energy fields, sometimes going out as far as two metres. Once you have felt and released the emotion, you can lift the emotional imprint out of your emotional body and link the miasm, (the energetic glitch) into the central sun and core of the earth. When this linking occurs, you will feel an ecstatic ripple through your entire subtle body as your energy realigns itself with the love of creation. For those of us who see, we see a streaming of golden light, and sometimes sacred geometrical patterns overlay our energy and overlay our emotional and physical body as we realign with the universal energy field.

This is the tremendous power of transformation at the soul level. It involves getting down to the very deepest corners of our body mind and facing the darkest shadow aspects. It involves expressing the most powerful depth of pain, grief, betrayal, fear, rage, loneliness and abandonment. When we have the courage to face our shadows and feel what we have previously denied, an incredible amount of energy returns to us. We move from being conditioned humans to being in touch with the vital impulses and wisdom of our true self. We live life from the passionate place that is connected to our true purpose, to that which simply brings us joy.

Leyolah Antara © excerpt from the book Kundalini Dance, Sacred Alchemical Evolutionary Keys.