Solstice Window

On the Full Moon, December 12th an Ascension Gateway opens between 12th:12th and 21st:12th Offering us access to higher dimensional codes, giving us an opportunity for rapid spiritual growth. While the gateway is open, the Angelic Realm and Ascended Master Teachers are supporting you to shift karma and move forward in any area of life you are choosing to focus on.

As we approach the end of 2019 and move towards a new decade, we are invited to take stock of what we deeply desire to create. We are also asked to get clear on what we are ready to leave behind in order to live from our highest vision.

Full Moon 12th of December (12: 12)

Thursday, 12th December – 1 pm – Los Angeles – PST

Thursday, 12th December – 9 pm – London – GMT

Friday, 13th December – 8 am – Sydney – AEDT

(A recording will be sent out on the same day
for those who are not able to make it live)