Awakening Creativity – sexual chakra alchemy

 Screen Shot 2012-10-29 at 10.00.50 PMIt is very powerful to merge the Divine Feminine and masculine inside your sacral chakra, womb / hara area. It activates the unique seed of the creative gift within you. Allowing ourselves to spend time in the feeling of what it would be to be totally creatively self expressed and passionately and joyously sharing our gifts brings power and energy into our co-creation.

 Shakti, the Divine Feminine, will cleanse the sacral chakra of all the energetic sludge accumulated from past sexual encounters. Shakti offers us the power and strength to face our pain, to express the rage locked in our lower backs or the hatred that has calcified in our pelvises over time. She encourages us to cry and grieve the loss of our sexual innocence, the ways we have been unappreciated and entered without love.

 At the end of the tunnel, we meet love, the golden light of Shiva, the Divine Masculine, he fills the sacral chakra with light, repairing our fragmented life, replenishing our womb and sexual organs with his love. The dull ache subsides, the numb parts come alive and the area around our hips and womb will begin to soften. The sexual pain body, our companion for lifetimes, begins to glow and we shift at a cellular level.

Allowing the creative principle of the Divine Masculine to saturate and lift the vibration of the sacral chakra opens us to higher evolutionary possibilities in our sexuality and our creative expression. For some people, this may be guidance to contain and calm their sexual fire, and for others it may be to unleash their sexual power and creative life force by expressing repressed emotions like anger. The divine light of source will bring balance in whatever way necessary.

 One of the evolutionary, collective challenges for us to move through the shift of the ages is to release our collective taboo of sexuality and reclaim our sexual power as a sacred evolutionary, creative, force of life. Harnessed with awareness, our sexual energy (Kundalini Shakti) can awaken latent potentials and inspire us to create at genius levels wherever we choose to focus our attention.

 Sexual energy is life force energy. When it is cultivated and channeled into our vital organs, it can increase our vitality, health and well-being. It is time to reclaim the pure innocence of sexuality as a replenishing, rejuvenating and an awakening and transformative energy.

 Standing gratefully under the waterfall of divine light, we have the opportunity to edit our story about sexuality and creativity and open to the highest expression of each.

 The key for co-creation of your best life is to spend time in the feelings that you would like to experience in your sexual life, feeling cherished, honored, sexually ecstatic and orgasmic, appreciated and deeply loved. Merging beyond separation into divine union with your beloved and God. Energy flows where your attention goes. Let your imagination take you and always give space to get out of the way and let the divine play through you.