Kundalini Dance

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‘I have done a full year of courses with Leyolah last year and the shifts and transformation my life has gone through has been profound and revolutionary. Not only am I in a new more honouring line of work where my priestess gifts can shine but my relationship with myself has both deepened and expanded with unconditional self acceptance. Leyolah’s teaching has been devoted, authentic, encouraging and inspiring. I feel empowered from within to live a more authentically passionate life. in short, I have shifted from surviving to thriving. Deep bows and gratitude for Leyolah’s work.’ – Kathryn Eyre


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Image Divinity Rising by Autumn Skye Morrison

Speaker and Facilitator
Leyolah Antara

After nearly 30 years of developing and teaching Kundalini Dance, a practice that has supported thousands of people to ecstatically awaken, I am now guided more than ever before to teach the teachers. In order to be more accessible I offer a combination of online and live retreats to train alchemical dance priestesses.

“Leyolah’s methods are on the leading edge. She transmits the ecstatic keys of tantric alchemy that will connect you to the divine and transform past patterns that have been holding you back from manifesting your hearts desires in your intimate relationships and your life purpose.”


Monday September 11th 2017 :: 3pm (Melbourne)

Sunday September 10th 2017 :: 10pm (San Fransisco)

Sunday September 11th 2017 :: 6am (London)

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