Self Compassion and The Divine Mother

The spiritual path of awakening can be a hard ride sometimes, it is not always bliss and whipped cream. Some days you really have to face yourself, to see where you leak power or are caught in negative behavioral loops. As part of the growth process patterns that are not serving your souls growth can really get up and into your face, they play out, and it can feel super uncomfortable to have to admit that you do “that thing”. It can be hard to love your self […] Read more »

Awakening Intuition – third eye alchemy

As we allow divine light to flood our third eye, we enter into the spaciousness and the soft inner silence of no mind. Resting deep in the spaciousness of silence, we have a direct access to the infinite knowing of divine intelligence, where we are no longer bound by the separate ego-based consciousness with all its fears. We are guided and illuminated by the intelligence that has access to a wider perspective outside the small self with all our petty concerns, where we are no longer separate but […] Read more »

Awakening Authenticity – throat chakra alchemy

As we ecstatically awaken our throat chakra, we open up to new possibilities for expressing our life’s mission, our soul’s purpose. We embrace our unique personal gifts and have the boldness to take risks to offer our unique creative expression to the world. We move into a higher octave inside our communication skills, we are gifted the courage to speak our truth. We become more honest and more transparent as we learn to express of our true feelings in ways that are authentic, vulnerable and real.  As we […] Read more »

Awakening Creativity – sexual chakra alchemy

 It is very powerful to merge the Divine Feminine and masculine inside your sacral chakra, womb / hara area. It activates the unique seed of the creative gift within you. Allowing ourselves to spend time in the feeling of what it would be to be totally creatively self expressed and passionately and joyously sharing our gifts brings power and energy into our co-creation.  Shakti, the Divine Feminine, will cleanse the sacral chakra of all the energetic sludge accumulated from past sexual encounters. Shakti offers us the power and […] Read more »

Awakening Trust – root chakra alchemy

For one person, opening to new possibilities in the root chakra may be focusing on building a foundation that supports greater financial abundance and prosperity. For another, it may be focusing on taking care of their bodies and their health by exercising and changing their diet. Others may receive simple guidance about cleaning and decluttering their home or others may receive a vision for a new model of sustainable community.  If we ask and have the courage to feel, Shakti will cleanse the root chakra. In the root […] Read more »