Alchemical Dance Priestess Initiation
Learn to Facilitate the Transformational Art of Chakra Alchemy
with Leyolah Antara & Kundalini Dance Team


A 8 Month Programme to activate your Sacred Feminine Leadership
June 2024 to January 2025


Do you feel the call to rise and serve the awakening of others in a meaningful and authentic way? Do you feel passionate about dance, divine feminine embodiment, tantra, music and inner transformation? Are you longing for a fun, juicy, ecstatic practice that is going to accelerate your evolutionary process and allow your soul’s unique gifts to come alive? Do you desire to learn the art of mapping transformational dance journeys and ceremonies for your community? Do you feel called to explore your inner priest or priestess and offer your life in service to the Divine Feminine Rising at this time?

If the answer is yes, come dance with us and join one of our next Kundalini Dance Alchemical Dance Priestess Training!


The Structure of the Kundalini Dance Facilitator Training

In Level 1 and Level 2 of the training, you will learn the Transformational Art of Chakra Alchemy. You will learn and embody the ecstatic art of alchemical transformation and sacred inner union that is the core healing practice of all the ancient mystery schools and be empowered with a clear map to teach it to others.

You will be undergoing an initiation of Divine Inner Union, the balancing of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within you as a basis for embodying ecstatic inner alchemy. 

You will go into a deep embodied exploration of Chakra Alchemy and depth psychology, Ecstatic Breathwork, Emotional Alchemy, Chakra Dance Journey Mapping and Facilitation, Sacred Archetypal Embodiment, Tantric Intimacy Practices for Group Connection, Group Leadership Skills, Holding Sacred Space – Group Dynamics, Body Mind Integration Techniques, Tantric Shamanic Healing practices, Self Inquiry and awareness of core patterns and energetics, Tantric Shamanic Dance Journeying and Creating dance maps for the Ecstatic Dance Floor.


Level 1: the first stage of the journey is completely dedicated to your own personal transformation and deep diving into dance as a transformational practice. You will deepen into the Divine Feminine Temple Arts for both your own personal and professional development

Level 2: will enhance your process and give you the skills to teach a seven-week, Kundalini Dance Practicum Series. You will have a deeply embodied sense of how to work with activating Kundalini Shakti in others and how to hold space for a full circle transformational dance practice.

You will learn how to weave music to create chakra dance journey maps to create full-circle transformational alchemical dance journeys. You will embody powerful Goddess archetypes, like Goddess Isis, Sekhmet & Hathor to awaken courageous leadership and unleash your authentic voice for facilitation.

Post-Retreat Online Learning 

All initiates of the KDFT Level 2 Training Programme are required to complete the online self-study course The Chakra Alchemy Series after the live retreat. This online course supports you to deepen and integrate the embodied learning of the Level 2 retreat so you can be able to teach this work to others.

7-Week Practicum Series

After your Level 2 training, you will be ready to start teaching your seven-week Kundalini Dance Practicum Series. You will invite people to come for a donation only cost with the full knowing that you are a facilitator in training. It is recommended to begin teaching your practicum within six weeks of completing Level 2.

Practicum Assignments

Whilst you are teaching your Practicum Series you will be asked to submit a short writing assignment on each chakra to reflect your personal awareness and understanding of the psychology of each chakra.

Completion Retreat

After you have completed offering your Practicum to your community you will be invited to attend a three-day completion retreat. After attendance of this retreat you will be certified as a Kundalini Dance Facilitator.

The Certification process consists of:

Level 1 + Level 2 Retreats

Online Chakra Alchemy Series

Facilitating one seven-week Practicum course + written assignments

Monthly Live Q & A video calls with Leyolah for three months

Online Support through a private Facebook group

Attendance of a Completion Retreat after you have finished your practicum


Transformational Alchemy

The KD practice is an exceptionally refined transformational alchemy practice and those participating in the facilitator training program will undergo a deeply transformative journey that will support you to learn the arts of emotional alchemy, tantric shamanic energy practices, chakra psychology, divine feminine archetypal embodiment, and full-bodied ecstatic energy body awakening.

We will take you on an alchemical journey through the chakras, cleansing & ecstatically awakening your body and soul and begin to align your soul to be a conduit for the transmission of the Kundalini Dance evolutionary practices. Working through the chakras from Root to Crown, you will dance each chakra one day at a time and learn the structure to facilitate a complete transformational, seven-week alchemical chakra journey for others, where you will focus on one chakra per week.

Temple of Isis Mystery School

The Kundalini Dance lineage comes through the Temple of Isis Mystery School and your journey will take you deeper into an understanding of how to hold sacred ceremony and work with Goddess Archetypes, guides and allies from the Ancient Egyptian Lineage of Isis – Mary Magdalene,  Sekhmet, Hathor the core teachings of Sacred Sexuality as a transformational healing force of energy.

Leyolah Antara has been initiated by the Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalene and the Kundalini Goddess Sekhmet over the past 30 years and is a powerful “real deal” Priestess, guide, and initiator. She holds a deep space of initiation for others who are called to support the RISE of the Divine Feminine in balance with the Divine Masculine at this crucial time of awakening on the earth.

Together We Rise!

Kundalini Dance Facilitator Practicum
Teaching Your First Chakra Alchemy Series

After Level Two you will be prepared to teach your first seven-week chakra dance journey in your local community. Your practicum is where you will teach in your community on a donation basis, with transparency around you being a student in training. You are required to teach one practicum series as well as complete the Chakra Alchemy Online Course and submit the journal assignments before you will be considered complete with your training and officially qualify as a Level One – Kundalini Dance Facilitator.

Supervision will be provided online for 3 months via our online community group forum as well as monthly question and answer video calls.

Part of the journey of training to be a Kundalini Dance Facilitator means an intensive personal development process. The truth is, once you make your commitment to serve the evolution of others, Shakti works you. All the ways that you are getting in the way of her creative flow, will arise to be seen, felt and released. Our monthly live calls will provide you with support. If you need more in-depth healing or guidance please book a private session with Leyolah.

Application Process for Bali

You must go through an application process to be accepted into the training. Please note that not all applicants are accepted into the program as there are various physical and psychological requirements necessary to be able to go on this deep transformative journey and to hold space for others to step onto the path themselves.

Although no previous experience with Kundalini Dance is required, if it is possible to attend a local Kundalini Dance series in your area before the retreat that is preferred. As Kundalini Dance is still not available everywhere this may not be possible for everyone. You can find classes here.

If you can’t find classes near you please contact Leyolah directly at to discuss your pre-retreat preparations. As Leyolah offers regular online courses you can join her in one of her online temples to get a transmission of the basics of tantric alchemy.



Terms and Conditions

You will receive instruction and practical application in:

Alchemical Dance Journey Mapping
Ecstatic Breathwork
Emotional Alchemy
Chakra Dance Journey Mapping and Facilitation
Sacred Archetypal Embodiment for Leadership
Tantric Intimacy Practices for Group Connection
Group Leadership Skills
Holding Sacred Space
Body Mind Integration Techniques
Tantric Shamanic Healing practices
Self Inquiry and awareness of core patterns and energetics
Tantric Shamanic Dance Journeying
Weaving music for the Ecstatic Dance Floor

Gratitude From Women

Noeleen Melissa Joyce, Sydney Australia

‘Diving into the Kundalini Dance training was next level, i was completely open to the infinite so i could truly let go and surrender to all within myself. Guided through sacred prayer, intention, dance, breath, movement practices are like portals to go within and beyond your physical being. The guidance of this sacred practice is intense self healing and full power, it activated me on a cellular level. I have opened and deepened to what i am calling my activation of my super human powers. I was re-birthed by fire, kundalini serpent fire. Thank you Leyolah for being a divine channel, teacher and guide. I am eternally grateful.’

Kaitlyn Field, long term Kundalini Dance Facilitator and Trainer

‘When you train to become a facilitator of Kundalini Dance you are not only learning tools that will help you to guide others and inspire their transformation and evolution. You will also develop inner capacities that help you to navigate through the challenges of your daily life. As you dedicate to this practice, you become more heart centred and deeply anchored in your sacred feminine power and intuition. Previous trainees have likened the facilitator training journey to that of a priest/ priestess initiation into the sacred alchemical temple arts as you deepen in your service and prepare to become a guide for others to connect to the Divine within themselves and without.’

Snow Marks, Alaska

‘The Kundalini Dance facilitator training was a powerful initiation connecting me to the divine life force that dwells with in me. I learned new skills to shift old beliefs and patterns that were limiting my capacity to experience joy ecstasy and bliss. Moving the dense energy of fear, anger and shame from my body and dancing it into the light of love. As a facilitator I have witnessed the transformational power of this work change the lives of those who choose to open themselves to the creative abundant life force that flows through us.  I am so grateful for this work and the gifts I have received from it.’

Kerri Ryan MA, Goddess of Sacred Sex

‘I was as in Leyolah’s very first training session! The changes that has made to my life as I cleared my body and dealt with my limitations set me on a course to birth my own wisdom and path. Profound work she teaches and I still use the techniques and breath work with my groups and on myself all these years later.’

Stunning Luscious Venue in Bali

Shambala Oceanside Retreat and Spa, Bondalem, Northern Bali

The Retreats are hosted at the stunning Shambala Oceanside Retreat and Spa in Bondalem, on the spectacularly beautiful quiet North shore of Bali.

Bali is a spiritual centre for many people and has become a new spiritual mecca for a diverse international crowd of spiritual seekers. Yoga, ecstatic dance and a huge selection of healthy raw food cafes and restaurants and great Goddess wear shopping, it is truly a supportive environment for your soul to unplug from your daily reality and into the sacred.

Shambala is located in the tranquil North of Bali, away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist centres. It has a sacred temple space, swimming pool, oceanside restaurant, Spa facilities and the ocean lapping at your toes, just outside your bedroom door. There are stunning private or twin share rooms. Shambala offers beautiful ocean views from within a forested shoreline – the black sand beaches in amongst the quintessential lush tropical greenery of Bali, all imbued with the essence of culture and tradition.

‘This work is a multidimensional self-healing healing technique which has completely transformed my life. It has empowered, accelerated and expanded my consciousness. I have not come across anything else that has the depth as Kundalini Dance it rocks!!’
– Rochelle Adam, Gold Coast, Australia

‘Diving into the training was next level, I was completely open to the infinite so I could truly let go and surrender to all within myself. Guided through sacred prayer, intention, dance, breath, movement practices are like portals to go within and beyond your physical being. The guidance of this sacred practice is intense self-healing and full power, it activated me on a cellular level. I have opened and deepened to what I am calling my activation of my superhuman powers. I was re-birthed by fire, kundalini serpent fire. Thank you Leyolah for being a divine channel, teacher and guide. I am eternally grateful.’
– Noeleen, Sydney, Australia

‘The Kundalini Dance Facilitator Training has transformed me in many ways on all levels of my Being. I have come into my Divine feminine essence which continues to evolve and grow in the practice and in my life. I now have the confidence with my vulnerabilities to hold space for others to unfold and flower with radiant love. I feel I am softer as a woman, more authentic, honest and open-hearted with myself and others. My gifts continue to reveal themselves in the practice. To share these alchemical keys is truly an honour and a blessing as I witness others transform. It has been the most powerful transformational pathway for me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Blessings Leyolah you are the true embodiment of Shakti. I am eternally grateful for the gifts you so open-heartedly share with the world.”
– Tara Fischer, Sydney

Nourishing Food

We will be offered three meals a day at Shambala, with an abundance of fresh exotic fruits and delicious traditional Indonesian Cuisine. Vegetarian, dairy and gluten-free options are available. We will eat together, at the stunning oceanfront restaurant, looking out over the ocean the tranquil Bali atmosphere.

Kundalini Dance Facilitator Training in Bali

Please fill out the Application Form

Once we have processed your application, we will be in touch with you if you are accepted into the training. If the course is a good fit for you, we will direct you to the payment information and you can process your payment.




Please make sure you have read and agree to the terms and conditions before registering for the training.

Bali Retreats

Please stay tuned for 2022 Dates for Level 1 & 2 in Bali

Early Bird & Regular Payment Prices to come.

Pricing includes tuition, shared accommodation, and meals as well as non-refundable Deposit of $650 USD to secure your place. Airfares, Transportation and Online Chakra Alchemy Course are not included.

Payment plans are available

2021 training will be held in Australia


Alchemical Dance Facilitator Training Team

Founder and Lead Facilitator

Leyolah Antara is a transformational guide, ecstatic dance facilitator and has been a practitioner and teacher of the inner tantras for over 22 years. She is the founder of a cutting edge tantric alchemical ecstatic dance practice called Kundalini Dance, which teaches how to cultivate and utilise sexual creative energy for personal awakening .

Her work is deeply transformative and supports practitioners to embrace the spiritual growth opportunities available to them  through their sexual relationships. Her work has taken her all over the world to teach retreats and workshops and she has trained over 80 facilitators in Australia and North America.

She has also produced two interactive Chakra Journey CD’s both with instructional booklets, teaching manuals and is the author of her upcoming book, “ Longing For Union” that explores a new paradigm for tantric sexual relationships as an alchemical crucible for transformation and union with the Divine. Leyolah’s work reflects the richness of her own lived experience and she shares practical ways of cultivating shakti and transforming whatever holds you back from fully expressing your full soul potential.

Leyolah’s methods are on the leading edge, she transmits the ecstatic keys of tantric alchemy through kundalini dance, breathwork, womb/hara practices that will connect you to the divine and transform past patterns that have been holding you back from manifesting your hearts desires in your intimate relationships and your life purpose. She is compassionate and caring and has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 22 years of deeply journeying in the arena of tantric shamanic dance and holding space for deep transformation.

Lila Spencer

As a dance shaman, temple keeper, and sonic alchemist, Lila loves to provide space for activation, connection and remembrance. Lila has been assisting and facilitating Kundalini Dance classes, workshops and retreats, with Leyolah for the last 9 years in British Colombia, Bali and around the world.

She actively holds ecstatic dance spaces, through Dance Temple, a weekly ecstatic dance journey on Salt Spring Island and Victoria, BC. As a facilitator, she loves to lift, inspire and hold space for transformation through deep journeys of breathe sound and movement. Her offerings bring a nurturing and playful spirit and inspire others to connect with their own joy, passion and authentic selves.

She infuses ceremony into all she offers as a devotion to the divine and desires to create safe and sacred spaces for self-healing and presence. She loves to support others on their journey of awakening so that they can feel more empowered and inspired to fully embrace and share their gifts with the world. She feels blessed everyday to be able to share this path of ecstatic embodiment that has had such a transformational impact on her life.