Female Sexual Soul Healing 

A 21 day online immersion to embody the sacred feminine.

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“Every woman ought to do this once in her life.”

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There are few things that can be as empowering and awakening as accessing the true power of your sexuality.

Yet so many woman don’t access the full luminous power and ecstatic pleasure of their sexuality.


Because they have not given themselves the sacred space to feel and release the past emotions connected to past experiences.

Every time you have a painful experience and you choose not to feel a certain emotion you develop armour around your heart and your sexual organs. This armour serves to protect you from feeling pain, but it also shuts down your ability to feel pleasure, excitement and joy.

Sexual energy is a dynamic reservoir of limitless energy and when we consciously harness it, and circulate it through our subtle energy system, our sexuality can become an evolutionary driving force. Harnessed with awareness our sexual energy can awaken latent potentials and inspire us to create at genius levels wherever we choose to focus our attention. Sexual energy is life force energy, cultivated and channelled into our vital organs it can also increase our vitality, health and wellbeing. 

The collective karmic challenge for us to move through the shift of the ages is to heal and rebalance our sexuality and reclaim our sexual power as sacred evolutionary, creative, forces of life. Moving back into the pure innocence of sexuality as a replenishing, rejuvenating, awakening and transformative energy.

I have been a practitioner and teacher of  “inner tantra” for over two decades, I have come to see that in order to awaken our shakti power and ecstatically awaken our tantric energy circuits that we often need to do some initial deeper inner sexual healing. We as woman absorb emotionally, in our emotional energy centres and also in our sexual organs. Every time we are entered without love, part of our sexual aliveness shuts down. Often we feel sexually numb and can’t feel pleasure let alone a full blown tanrtic ecstatic orgasm, that is because of the residue of unprocessed emotions that are held in our sexual organs. We absorb so much from our lovers, their fantasies, we blend emotional bodies when we make love so we feel allot. Our sexual organs hold and carry shame that we carry from our mothers catching us innocently self pleasuring, so many messages that our sexual feelings were dirty, bad or wrong. Our whole global culture is in a big collective twisted sexual knot, and its up to us one woman at a time to clear the old emotions held here and do it for ourselves and do it for our daughter and do it for all woman.

The Taoists call the cleansing of the sexual organs of emotions “inner alchemy” once the organs are cleansed and healthy and you have developed the ability to transform sexual energy into life force energy your spiritual development can truly begin.

We will begin receiving meditations upon registration and I will receive 11 meditations and emails over 22 days. You can do these practices at your own pace in your own time. You will have access to the recordings for three months.

Female Sexual Soul Healing

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How this course is structured 

In this course we will go through and clear each sexual organ and each organ that is connected to our sexual energy of any emotional imprint. I offer you a one hour recording of a VERY THOROUGH sexual healing practice, every other day for you to focus on one organ. All the practices are to be done alone and some can be done with a partner while listening to the recordings.  They can be done at your own pace at your own time. They are very subtle, and you do them lying down at a time when you can be quiet and undisturbed. You can share them with a partner, but it is not necessary.

These healing practices involve visualisation, energetic healing, self – healing touch, breathing practices, chants, prayer and focused attention on feeling and releasing emotions that have been held in your sexual organs, inhibiting your full expression of your sexual creative energy. Each practice is about one hour long, and I advise you to do them late at night before sleeping or at a time when you can rest and be undisturbed.

There are 11 practices for the 11 major sexual organs that will clear 2 of your major
sexual energy circuits. You’ll learn and embody them all over 22 days.

You will be sent an email with information about the sexual organ we are focusing on and a sexual healing meditation recording for you own personal practice.

Each practice lasts about one hour and focuses on one of the specific sexual related organs.

Amygdala – The amgydala helps us to experience, love, divine rapture and the ecstasy of orgasm.

Heart – Clearing the layers of unreleased emotion around the heart supports us to sustain an opening into love.

Womb –  The womb is a woman’s most sacred centre in union with her heart. It is our inner well of creativity and creation, part of your feminine soul essence embodied. 

Clitoris – The clitoris is a blooming red rose of purity, innocence freshness and sweet joy. Gratitude, appreciation, compassion and surrender, allow this red rose to bloom.

Anus – Anus healing allows the surfacing and transmutation of hidden sadness, fear, repression and disease into light.

Yoni – Healing the yoni of past hurts with men, we open to our yoni as a gateway to pleasure, love and sensuality.

G Spot – the G – Spot is the gratitude spot and is like a waterfall that gushes and opens more when gratitude is felt, received and given.

Cervix – The cervix is the great guardian to the womb’s mysteries, to clear the cervix one must release fear of surrender.

Ovaries – When we harness the energy of the ovaries through ovary breathing, we can increase our life span, boost our immune system and increase our capacity to have full body orgasms.

Kidneys – The kidney chi is an important part of sexual energy and gives energy to all the organs. If we are feeling, scattered, mental, stressed or tired it is often that the kidneys need cleansing and balancing. 

Sexual Alchemy –  Our final session you will learn tantric energy practices to switch on your luminous body and explore your sexual energy as a vehicle for awakening higher consciousness.

Female Sexual Soul Healing

  • Your investment: $88

  • You will start receiving emails with the course content within a few hours of registering. If you do not recieve the first email within 4 hours please contact leyolah@kundalinidance.com
    Please ensure you follow the payment process all the way to the "payment confirmed" page! Your order won't go through otherwise.

What women are saying…

Female_Sexual_Soul_Healing_Online_CourseI am beyond what words can express in the gratitude for this sacred healing. I was amazed at how deep the sessions went. The questions asked brought me into a trance-like visionary state of profound contemplation. This really helped me make connections that I had not previously made…. like understanding so much about my relationships, where I have felt shame, where I have held myself back in living my highest path, why I have struggled with money, how I am in fear, and so much more. The clearing has been so huge….. MAJOR energetic changes in the body have been very noticeable afterwards and always so positive. There have been so many tears, but they always felt like sacred healing tears that are moving me into release and true bliss, freedom and power in my life. The healing is sweet, real and complete. This healing has made me understand my true power as a divine feminine goddess. I did not realize before how I could access these powerful important healing energies from the Earth through my sexual organs into my body. My experiences have always felt truly ecstatic, like a combination deep humility, vulnerability, release, surrender, sacred goddess wisdom, awakening, empowerment and activation of my highest self. This has taken me so deep into my divine nature. I have released so much fear and what is left is a sense of innocence, clarity, deep unconditional love, and true ecstasy…… and my self-pleasuring between sessions has felt like the birth of a star, with very deep spiritual orgasms that feel so connected with my whole being on all levels. I feel a more integrated and whole human, in a divine dance of healing and awakening… feeling and embracing all…. in love. Beyond words in gratitude for this opportunity – I would very strongly recommend it to any of my sisters.With Love  Lunaya


I started this course with zero libido and zero care for my body or my sexuality.  After the introductory session, I had the most amazing orgasm of my life. Each session got better and better. Now, I feel beautiful, sensual and I have even noticed my hips are more loose and swaying as I walk. I finally feel like a goddess!! I don’t know how it works or why but I don’t care! It works. I’m so pleased I’m starting the course all over again! If this is how much healing I’ve done after one series, imagine how amazing I’ll feel when I continue to blossom through my womb and womanhood. Thank you thank you thank you! – Alyssa
I went from being totally sexually numb and dry to being wet, juicy and multiply orgasmic. I am experiencing a depth of intimacy and connection with my husband like I never experienced. I didn’t know that it was possible for sex to be this good”
– Belle Tozer 
Thanks Leyolah for your powerful sacred work! Your Female Sexual Soul Healing helped me to clear away old fears & mass conscious stuff that was stored in my body! You continue to serve me deeply with your offerings in living more fully as an empowered feminine sensual goddess woman, in ALL areas of my life. The benefits of this program overflow into all areas of life! As a result of your work Leyolah, I am a better teacher, more confident coach for women, even deeper lover of life, amazing mom and the Divine Feminine with my Beloved! THANKS Leyolah for the powerful sacred healing work you do and offer to serve all women and in turn you serve all of humanity! in deep gratitude, – Vireo 


I want to express my gratitude for the workshop you are offering on healing feminine sexuality, for clearing the veils of ignorance, fear and shame around sensuality and pleasure. I’m aware of my own ways of holding back and feeling shame, fear and confusion when it comes to experiencing my sexuality and reclaiming the innocence is such a blessing. It is so powerful and healing. Tears come to wash it all away, desire for being truly loved and celebrated as a woman feels spectacular ….!I’m sensing a vital importance of such a healing. Sexuality is such a tender subject and the wound of confusion runs very deep. Your voice and choice of words creates a safe and comfortable sanctuary within which healing can take place. I would recommend this to any woman who wants to deepen her relationship not only with her partner but most importantly with herself and the whole universe that surrounds her. I just want to give you a hug and say what a blessing you are!!! Blessings – Radka


We will begin receiving meditations upon registration and I will receive 11 meditations and emails over 21 days. You can do these practices at your own pace in your own time. You will have access to the recordings for three months.


Leyolah Antara