Embodying Erotic Divinity

An Online Immersion into Sacred Sexuality and Tantra for Women
(Anywhere, anytime, at your own pace)

As woman we have been disconnected from the true power of our sacred sexuality, there has been a long history of female sexual suppression and shame. Sexual repression has not only dimmed down our aliveness and creative expression it has stunted human evolution, because when you repress a person’s sexuality, you retard the maturation of their soul.

We are all not sexually repressed yet until now in the west our sexual empowerment has been primarily collectively expressed through the shadow of sexual liberation. We are media fed images of what it is to be sexy or to look sexy and yet it still often a masked expression of sexy and we are still find ourselves sexually unfulfilled. We are still in the process of claiming our authentic sexuality and unveiling our full sexual potential.

Deep inside you know there is more.

It is time to bring our sexual identity back to the temple of the sacred.

It is time to lift the veil of lifetimes of suppression and fear of our raw feminine power and liberate our pure sexual life energy. Reclaiming your deep feminine power is a journey into the exploration of your sexual energy as a transformational and evolutionary current of life that has the power to unlock places and parts of you that you didn’t even know existed.

When our sexual energy is unleashed with a deep longing for union with Divine, we can experience the ecstasy of divinized sexuality that ecstatically lights up our body and that is a gateway to God, then Shakti comes alive inside you and you feel the fullness of what it is to experience your sexuality as an ecstatic creative current of life force.

The Art of Sexual Alchemy

Patricia Ariel

As an evolving woman are you aware of an intimacy threshold a point where you can go no further? Perhaps you can feel your heart shutting down, or your body going numb, or you become distracted and want to run, when things are getting deeper? Perhaps you have become adept at hiding your feelings, rather than exposing yourself and being see in your vulnerability? Can you go through these challenges to deeper love? Do you stay, feel and open or do you shut down, push away, run and hide? Do you take responsibility for what is yours or do you blame your experience on the other?

We go no further either sexually or intimately, because we have reached a pain or wounded layer and we choose not to feel. This is so often the cause of the deterioration of our relationships. In order to experience more intimacy and erotic aliveness in our relationships we need to come back into vulnerability with each other and connect with a willingness to feel, to forgive with all of our hearts and to stay true to our feelings when we are facing conflicts.

When we commit to feeling everything that arises, we soften, every time you feel, the layers around your heart melt and you create more space to be loved and for your love to touch others. When you feel, the energy that’s been damming the flow of your sexual energy releases and your sexual energy can begin its journey up through your higher chakras where you feel the ecstatic erotic bliss of being connected to the Divine.

In our work together, we will explore the art of sexual alchemy, you will be invited to explore the shadows of you sexuality, we will dig deep to uncover the unfelt, unseen emotions that have been keeping up the walls of separation between you and our beloveds. I will teach you how to “work with” your sexual energy as an alchemical healing force, to support you to heal and open to the wild love at your core, turning what was once darkness into light for your healing and empowerment.

Embodying the Divine Feminine Archetypes:

Autumn Skye Morrison - CompassionThe core themes of erotic divinity and key principles of sexual magnetism evolved through Goddess mythology. Myths are rich sources of psychological insight. Powerful things happen to us when we touch the archetypes that are the core of our ancient cultural myths. Each archetype carries a particular kind of feminine energy and can have countless expressions, capabilities, and gifts. The sacred feminine archetypes are activated by the Kundalini energy. Archetypes, they say, never disappear from our culture but work stealthily beneath the surface of our consciousness, especially upon our libido and erotic energy. Although archetypes are impersonal patterns of influence that are both ancient and universal, they become personalised and a part of you when they are embodied through dance, movement, meditation.

If we look at the Sex Goddess throughout the ages they show us incredible examples of empowered feminine archetypes that when embodied through dance and meditation can give us a direct experience of what it is to be a creatively expressed, empowered woman, “on top” and erotically alive.

In our journey over the next six weeks we will explore the erotic energies of key sacred feminine archetypes, in both their shadows and their light as vehicles for self awareness and empowerment. We can invoke archetypal energies as portals to particular initiations and empowerments, as well as to bring forth healing of what is still in shadow.

The Shadow

All archetypes have “shadow” expressions as well as positive empowered qualities. The shadow has power because it remains in the dark of our unconscious; we tend to deny its presence in us because we consider it unacceptable or bad. Only when we face and acknowledge the shadow’s presence can we balance and neutralise its potential unconscious influence over our behaviour. Our shadow holds some of our greatest, untapped resources.

In this 6 Week Online Course you will explore:

Week One

Embodying the Divine Mother

The ancient Divine Mother Goddess represents fertility, growth and renewal. She is the birth – giving, infinite source of creation, the female sexual power that drives the wheels of the universe. When we connect to her we lift our vibration and align with creation.

The Divine Mother is the holding power of love. She is the dark light, the void of pure potential, where everything is born and where everything returns. When we enter her grace, she lights the flame of Shakti in our wombs and we can experience the deep renewal and clarity that comes when we enter our womb cave for rest and rejuvenation.

Reclaim your womb power

Learn ovarian + womb breathing activation practices to cultivate shakti within. Explore how becoming a womb – centred woman increases your creative power, vitality and sexual magnetism.

Transform Body Image

Explore practices to move into deeper self love and self – acceptance. Love ourselves as you are, celebrate your unique beauty, size, shape age, meet ourselves as naked and sacred.

Week Two

Embodying The Lover

Embodying the aspect of the feminine who is the Lover. We learn how to create the space for the lover to enter into our life. Often in our busy lives as woman, as mothers, partners, with a full work life, we forget how to create the space for the Lover. We learn to allow the lover to reclaim the nights, for her creative pursuits or her sacred sexual explorations. We will invoke Aphrodite, The Goddess of Love and Creativity to enter back into our body and home temple. She is the archetype most involved in the sensual and sensory experience. We will explore the archetype of the seductress, in both her shadow and light and what she looks like when she is in her temple.

Learn the tantric sensual arts

You will be guided and initiated into some white tantra ( solo tantric) practices. This will involve sexual practices to cultivate your inner well spring of Shakti (life force energy), as well as practices to create more dexterity in your yoni (vagina), to support you to become more pleasure sensitive and more multi orgasmic.

Healing the Heart – cutting the chords

As we embody the love goddess we open to the sweet nectar of love in our hearts, healing and forgiving past hurts, letting go of past relationships we create space for new love to enter.

This week we will take time to cut chords from past sexual relationships to make room for the new or to be more present with what is now.

Week Three

Embodying the Wild Woman

We will explore Kali, the archetypal dark goddess of fierce love and compassion, she is the power of break through and liberation. Do what it takes to unleash the clamps on your sexual power and life energy. Unleash the hidden rage with the masculine that has been keeping you separate from the love and intimacy and vitality you seek. You will learn embodiment practices to unleash the infinite power of your sexual life force. Time to stop being the good girl and let it rip, you know you want to let it go and let more love flow. It is time, the sacred feminine is rising, there is no more holding back. She will help you to unleash your inner Shakti.

Kali Dance

To fully liberate your sexual energy as an ecstatic creative current of life, we need to release the suppressed sexual shame, guilt, anger, old hurts out of the body. This is best done, in the dance, in the spirit of offering it back up to source.

Learn the Art of Sexual Alchemy – Sexual Healing

To fully connect to source through our sexuality we must be willing to face our shadows. Hidden and unseen in the corners of ourself, where we suppress pleasure and hold back the fullness of our sexual feelings, are memories of accumulated guilt, blame and shame. In this weeks session we will explore the art of tantric healing, using our sexual energy to dissolve the walls and emotional armouring that holds us back from receiving love, feeling more pleasure, ecstatic intimacy and authentic connection.

Week Four

Embodying The Tantric Priestess

The Tantric Priestess knows her body is a conduit for Divine energies to pour through. She is sexually sovereign and claims her sexual energy as her own. Her heart has opened in devotion to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, God Goddess Source, she opens her body as a vessel for Divine Love to pour through. She has stopped seeking for love outside herself and turns to Divine to fill her cup. She loves all men and woman in her life, she loves her children, she loves her friends, she loves all who touch her life. When she makes love, her full body lights up in ecstasy and she makes love to know union with the Divine.

We will invoke the Egyptian Goddesses Isis, The Sumerian Goddesses Inanna, and Mary Magdalene to support the transmission of the sex magic of Isis. These practices are best practiced alone and then can be shared with a partner.

Awakening your tantric ecstatic sexual blueprint

Learn breath and tantric energy practices to raise your sexual energy through your higher chakras and awaken the ecstatic sexual pathways of your body, so you can experience full bodied ecstatic orgasms.

Reclaim your sexual sovereignty

Sexual sovereignty is a reclaiming of our ecstatic sexual energy from past pain, stories, guilt and shame and establishing a direct and intimate relationship with Divinity through our bodies. Woman are the keepers of the sacred sexual mysteries, it is possible to self generate sexual energies and ecstasies without a partner as with or without a partner we must learn to balance the solar and lunar, masculine and feminine currents within us to ecstatically birth your higher evolutionary blueprint.

Week Five

Embodying The Wise Woman

The wise woman manifests as our inner shamanina, our inner medicine woman, our inner healer. When our sexual energy raises to the brain centres we access our higher intuition, and we begin to embodying The Wise, focused, creatively expressed aspects of the feminine. You will learn sacred tantric embodiment practices to support you to cultivate your intuition and harness your divine mind. We will explore embody the archetypal energies of Saraswati and Sophia and Athena the Goddesses of wisdom.

Awakening the Intuitive Centre

At the back of the head we have the Altar Major chakra which is the doorway, the threshold for the return of the divine feminine. This is one of the most important chakras together with the pineal gland, they are the seat of your intuition. You will learn solo white tantra practices to develop your intuition and capacity to connect to inner guidance.

Psychedelic Sex

You will learn how to channel your energy into the third eye centre when appropriate during lovemaking in order to experience a deepening of your connection to your intuition and your capacity to explore archetypal universal healing realms or past lives with your partner for personal healing and transformation.

Week Six

Embodying The Benevolent Queen


She is a Queen because she is not afraid to be seen. She shines her radiant light upon all beings she touches. She is a womb centred woman and her voice echoes her instinctual wisdom and deep heart knowing. She has faced the shadow of power and control and has humbled to Divine Will. She no longer tries to control life but has learnt the art of surrendering to the mystery both in her sexual relationships and in her relationship to life. She has faced the shadow of judgement and has opened her heart in compassion.

The Queen is an ecstatic devotee of Divine and her life is lived through the heart in service and in surrender to Love. Her heart has been broken open many times so her compassion flows to others and to herself.

Balance the Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine – Shiva Shakti

The Queen has integrated both her inner masculine and inner feminine and is at peace with men or the masculine side of the feminine. She has faced her shadows of, criticism, control, manipulation and complaining to get her needs met and has learnt how to bring out the King in her man, and the best her beloved partner.

The Unveiling

In her erotic expression the Queen is coloured by the full spectrum of the key sacred feminine archetypes. She is allowing her erotic self to be seen, she is a womb centred woman, who can let her wild woman, her tantric priestess, her wise woman wisdom be expressed, be felt be seen by her beloved. In sexual intimacy she is no longer hiding, she is all revealing. In this final initiation we will allow the full erotic spectrum of ourselves be seen.

Tantric Partner Sex

In this module we will explore tantric partner exercises for deepening sacred union. I will share foundational presensing processes to support our relationships to be sacred crucibles for soul growth.

How the course is structured

Course Portal

  •  Upon registration you will be given immediate access to the course portal, a members only website where all the course material is beautifully and seamlessly organised, module by module. Week by Week. You have long term access to the material and can go through it at your own pace.

 Inside The Course Portal:

Embodying Shakti – Dance Videos

  • Inside the course portal each week there is a high quality video with dance movement practices, to support you to embody shakti and open the tantric energy pathways of your body.

Sexual Self – Healing / Pleasuring Meditations 

  • In the course portal are weekly guided sexual self healing / self pleasuring meditations in an mp3 format.

Dance Play lists

  •  Inside the course portal there are sound cloud playlists for you to dance to for some of the transmissions.

Texts and Inspirations

  • Within the portal are relevant texts and writings to inspire your sacred sexual exploration, deepen your knowledge and keep you on track.

Dedicated Facebook Group

  • We will have a private face book group to deepen our exploration and be with other woman who are exploring this work. This will be a place for discussion, sharing of our inner journeys and a source for sharing resources. You will be invited upon your registration.

Praise for Leyolah

What the women are saying from the previous E E D course with Leyolah.

Leyolah’s course is nothing short of soul alchemy. Her lovingly guided journey took me deep into the shame that had blocked me from fully opening to my body. Through a supportive group, I voiced and cleared my shame, the only thing that was truly blocking me from being here and accepting my birthright of wholeness. As the course progressed and I danced as a channel of shakti, I felt my soul enter more into being here. I felt that I could completely own my truth and my purpose. I emerge from the course at one with myself and open in a completely new way to living as a whole, loving, powerful, ecstatic, divine female. This course is one of the greatest gifts I have received in this lifetime and I am grateful.

– Ruth Cumberland – Ubud


This course is such a beautiful initiation back into my sexual, sensual and spiritual body. It has given me a key to open my sacred door. My sacred gate of remembrance, aliveness and beauty of innocent desire. Much healing has been done and felt through meditation, dance and divine breath. Leyolah, our teacher, is such an amazing person, inspiring goddess and beautiful soul. I feel very honoured to be part of her teachings. Her openness and generosity are truly outstanding. Her opened and loving heart is felt across oceans and continents. I feel very blessed by her offerings that never seems to end. Thank you, my divine sister, I am truly honoured to be part of your life.

This course has been a turning point in my life, even though it is ongoing process, it is something that I can take with me for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you beautiful Leyolah. I cant wait till we meet in person one day ♥

So much gratitude, it is hard to put in words…. ♥♥♥
Love, Jana Morrison, London.


Doing this work with Leyolah was like coming home to an ancient part of my femininity I had been longing for. The work is profound and amazingly energetic and vibrant. I felt incredible and also quite stretched to recover even more of myself that I had lost to being frozen, in fear or feeling alone in my sexual trauma. This course began energetic portals and conversations that I needed to access but maybe didn’t know I needed. The community of support even virtual was tangible and the meditations and value given in these 6 weeks was beyond anything I could have imagined. Taking this course again and again is a no- brainer, it is more than a course it is a way of life that Leyolah opens the door to and simply smiles as we dance into. This feminine erotic energy is the gift of the gods and is a healing force beyond. Challenging at times but so worth the challenge.

Blessings on your choice! – Aylen Doucette – New York


In this time of our great need, on suffering Planet Earth, the feminine aspect of God is rising again. She is calling like the Bride in the Song of Solomon, wooing us to return to love, to the the beautiful verdure of the Garden. Leyolah Antara is one of the voices for this awakening and healing. After such a long long era of repression and danger for the Feminine (in the psyche, in the body, in the land) we are having to gather back the primordial wisdom of Shakti from a thousand sources – the earth herself, cellular memory, instinctual knowledge, dreams, the lines between the lines of the enduring spiritual texts. My deep respect to Leyolah and others who are doing this work. She is a teacher and practitioner with great integrity, commitment and longing for wholeness in our world.

Thank you, Beautiful One – Elisabeth Bromley, Melbourne.


Hi Leyolah, sending loads of love to you and gratitude for such an amazing and empowering 6 weeks.  You have such a beautiful and generous heart and I really can’t thank you enough for what you share with the world in such an authentic way.  I haven’t come across too many teachers in all my years as a ‘spiritual student” that embody exactly what they speak.  Truly inspirational star.

With so much love and appreciation and the wish to cross paths again,

Susan Pearce xx


Embodying Erotic Divinity has been both a potent and graceful pathway into remembering what some part of me has always known. It’s awakened the innate erotic wisdom that was protected in my body all this time. Leyolah is an evocative guide in pointing the way, while deeply respecting the timing and readiness in each step, for those women called to this path. Her quiet confidence,  blazing compassion and personal embodiment of these teachings,  created a field of safety to explore what I have been hungry for and and now claim as a birthright.

Big Gratitude, Love and Respect,
Rose Gagne’


When one is ready, the teacher appears. This has been my experience. I feel perfect synchronicity paved my journey to Leyolah’s teachings. I was ready to release and heal the armour that I had subconsciously adopted from a long-term relationship that was deprived of affection and sexual loving touch. During this relationship, I was not present to the damage that was being done to the connection with my soul-body. When my soul-body was unresponsive to my new sexual union, despite the deep surging passion and love exchanged, a moment of clear consciousness came: I needed to heal from my past sexual relationship and forgive myself for disconnecting to my soul-body. Leyolah’s teachings were my answer to sexual healing and showed me how to deeply reconnect to my soul-body. While my sexual healing journey is not complete, deep alchemy has transformed my sexual sensitivity and connection to levels that I have never experienced before now. I am extremely humbled to access Leyolah’s teachings as they provide me with empowerment over my soul-body and provide insights into my multidimensional being.

Sophie – Teacher


I could sit and listen to Leyolah teach all day long. Her experience and wisdom are radiated through her teaching in a powerful and healing way. I am in eternally grateful for the remembrance that has been ignited through this work and look forward to so much more. As we moved through each weeks course work I felt myself moving deeper and deeper into union with the Sacred Mother. As someone who has experienced this life mostly without an earthly mother, there was so much healing that unfolded because of the work. In addition, I felt my sexual energy increasing and enlivening my body daily. I felt like a juicy, alive, erotic woman having a love affair with the Divine. These teachings helped me to deepen into my own personal daily practice and connecting with the others doing the course work in a private setting was heart opening, to say the least.

– Brandi, Colorado.


I write this with the deepest gratitude for you, please know that you and your teachings have changed my life and allowed me to embody myself more fully as a divinely feminine and erotic woman.  From the moment I started listening to the first call I felt myself soften into a place of ancient wisdom within myself that I’ve always known to be there yet never accessed this deeply before.  Like a deep sigh of release, reverberating healing into layers of ancestry past and reaching out before me as it continues to spiral and unfold.  I am in such gratitude for the teachings that you are sharing, your honesty, and the graciousness with which you teach.  I experience feeling safe, respected and held gently as you navigate with us through sensitive and often uncharted territory.  I very much look forward to continuing this journey together.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

With much love, respect, and many blessings,



I have been working on discovering my female sexuality for some years. After researching to find the right teacher, I discovered Leyolah’s class, which was the exact blend of tantric practices perfectly mixed with Kundalini dance, breathing, praying and chanting through female archetypes. It was the class I was dreaming of. Leyolah has not only thoroughly studied and developed the material she teaches, she has lived it and integrated it into her life as a way of life. This work is really divinely timed for what is globally unfolding, and it has been the greatest gift given to me by another woman. I have deeply awakened my femininity to another level, watched layers of painful memories dissolve with love and have learned to honour my sacred womb in the most loving way. Leyolah is a Priestess, teaching a sacred practice with grace, love and compassion in pure sisterhood spirit. She has the ability to be lovingly present for each student while playfully teaching with the greatest care and attention.  The circle of sister sharing as part of the course enhances the experience by keeping all together in true sisterhood. It’s not really a class; Leyolah has created a body of work that actually takes you to the infinity of one’s womb, as the first six weeks are only the beginning!

Blessings and love to you, Sister Sophia.




Leyolah Antara is passionate about helping women awaken their sensual creative energy for personal awakening & reconnection with their own unique expression of their soul. She is an evolutionary guide and coach, wild woman, author, mother, lover, poet, intuitive healer, producer, performance artist and the founder of Kundalini Dance™, an ecstatic embodiment practice. Her work has taken her all over the world to teach retreats and workshops and she has trained over 77 facilitators, in Australia, North America and Europe.

She has also produced two interactive Chakra Journey CD’s, teaching manuals and is the author of the book “Kundalini Dance, Sacred Alchemical Evolutionary Keys”, available on Amazon.

Leyolah’s methods are on the leading edge. She transmits the ecstatic keys of tantric alchemy that will connect you to the divine and transform past patterns that have been holding you back from manifesting your hearts desires in your intimate relationships and your life purpose. She is compassionate and caring and has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 22 years of holding space for deep transformation.



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